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For the last 6-8 years I have been doing Imboc every year, and we (here anyway) have had a warn or very warm March and April. And this year I did the same and we have snow and biting winds right across the Islands, and Europe. Now I do not know what the weather is normally like in Eastern Europe at this time of year, and if anyone can tell me that would be cool.

But why the sudden change? If Brib was pissed at me, I would know about it, but this is just far to widespread. Or the Earth could be going through a cycle of warm and cold years, last one like this was in 1963 I think.

What what is left, Global Warming, Iceage, or Human Intervention. And who would gain from the Human Intervention? A sad and sick person, or and this came to me last night, one of the big 6 Power Companies. Face it, with cold weather the heating stays on so we spend more money on Gas and the companies gain a bigger profit. But would they stoop so low as to effect the weather and put lives at stake for profit? Now I am not blaming any one Path, but I do not think that Wiccan’s would do this for profit, please correct me if I am wrong. Chaosist would not bother to do it, well I do not think they would. Again please correct me if you know otherwise. A Shaman might, if there was a good reason to do it, but I do not know any who would do it for profit, but I am going from personal views here.

So what to do, well a South working using the energy of the South may be necessary, just to save lives, and I do not like fucking around with the weather, because far too much can go wrong and it could end up even worse if I really get it wrong, but if it is just the planet doing it’s thing, then I will be wasting my time anyway.

Spam   2 comments

Right, this is for google551 and all of the other spammers who keep on telling me I am not getting enough hits.

1 I know, I am aware of how many hits I am getting.

2 Read my 1st page, it really does explain things very clearly.

3 How comes you all have bogus email and web pages.

4 And this one is very important, the next spammer I get a message from I will deal with myself.

5 For those who can not understand things here it is “I know and it is on purpose”. Understand now, good. Valid email and comment and webpage, fine, anything else and you may well have a problem.


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Spring   1 comment

OK so we know that I am sometimes a little behind current thinking, but have I missed something? Namely Spring, Summer and Autumn. I only ask because I had one of my little visitors complaining at me this morning about the white stuff covering the garden, the fact that the fatball was gone and he does not really like chips which I put out for all of those other visitors.

You can not help but notice the white stuff everywhere and the tit was sitting in the Buddleia near where I hang the fatballs, and all that was in the bag was snow. Not good. I apologized to him and to make up I put out some bread, went to the local shop to pick up some more, but they were shut, not open til Monday.

But still I am confused by all this, yes I know about global warming at all that. I did Imboc as I have always done it, but instead of Bringing Spring, we have snow, with 40,000 houses without power in Ulster 6,000 in Alba and inches of snow. WTF is going on here? And the big 6 energy companies are talking about low gas supplies and massive price increases. Now I have been good and tried to keep politics out of this Blog unless it directly impacts my Path, but 46,000 of my kin are without power and blackouts promised by the big six coupled with higher prices, (which we had in October), and what are they doing with all this extra money?

The government are screwing over the poor, the supermarkets are doing the same and the energy companies. It is already a choice of eating or keeping warm for many people in this country, especially the older generation and yet the government (yes that is twice I have not used the capital G, but I do not think they now deserve the capital) are not helping in the budget, again, and will not for  another 5 years. And Capitalism marches on-wards  taking our money for less goods back. All this because of the greed of the few caused a global recession, following Thatchers get rich quick scheme, instead of investing money in the right areas, like Wind, Solar, and Tidal energy, you know renewable power. Instead they are squeezing every last drop of oil and gas, and with the powerstations closing down, this Country is heading for major energy problems. And those at the top do not seem to care. But those of us at the bottom do give a damn, but what can we do about it? Without breaking the law or Morality, or my creed of living. I will think of something, Divine Guidance maybe.


Two Gods and an Angel   2 comments

Well what a strange week for me. Went to sign-on on Monday and got on the Bus to get into town. I noticed Her as soon as she got on the bus, but I stayed put and did not approach Her. Morrigan, the Phantom Queen in her Crone Guise, with a crutch. I had my Ipod on so I could not hear what she was saying but She was talking to one of the other passengers, had she spoken to me then I would have spoken to her. She got off the bus at the same stop as me and tried to light up but was having some difficultly, but by the time I got to her side to offer my lighter She had succeed in lighting up. I know that it was not Morrigan, but why did I think of Her straight away, and if it was Her why did She not talk to me.


Anyway I had a little time to kill so I went for a wander around town and coming towards me was Danu, Mother Earth. She looked at me eye to eye and that gave me a start, but She carried on walking, but it was Her, I felt Her presence briefly but clearly. Then She was gone. She looked how I have thought She would look.


And today (Thursday) I went to the local shops to get a few bits and who do I see going into my local chippy? From the back, (I did not see Her face) but the height and hair it was my Angel. I saw her companion clearly from the other side of the road, but She never turned around. Yes Angel lives in San Francisco Bay area, so what in the names of all that are holy is she doing here? Because it was not Her. It could not have been. But after the trip into town and then seeing Her in my neighborhood. And I have been doing so well with regards to thinking about Her of late and now, almost back to square one. Thanks a lot for that.


If I had not seen the Two in town, would have seeing Her here been such a kick in the pants for me?

The Troubles   Leave a comment

I class myself as an Ulsterman, my mother was Ulster, my father I know not, and by the Will of Danu I was born in England. Thus some would say I am lucky because I have missed all of the troubles, others will say that I am English because I was born here.

No I am not having a go at the Christian Faith, that is not my way, as you who know me will know, but still there are “The Troubles” again. I know that the people are sick to the back teeth of the violence against them and the Police. But from what I know and have heard there is one group who are strangely quiet on this subject. The Church, both of them.

The Marches are only part of the problem glorifying past victories. The British Government is another part of the problem, segregating the Catholic and Protestant communities in the first place. But from what I have been told and read from those living through the troubles is that indoctrination starts in school, in both Paths, and the church is involved in the teaching. I had Nuns teaching in my Junior School, which was a RC School. But I was taught in England, and thus not about the US and Them.

The indoctrination is about US and Them mentality, what they did to us and what we did to them. Even if we pull down all of the walls, and moved half the population to another area the church would still be the same. The thing is this, when I heard about the Omagh Bombing, which killed equal numbers of both paths, I cried real tears. I was really disgusted and I though why was it happening still.

A while ago I read a piece on Yahoo News about the young being friendly across the regions and I read with hope that the troubles were over. But it appears that that is a premature hope. And then we have the whole Catholic workhouse thing, where under orders from the Church and state, young woman were put into workhouses there they were abused by the Nuns. And still more, still priests are abusing the young of both sexes and in some cases they are abusing fellow priests due to their high rank.

While most honest Christians are very good people, Mum and HRH the Queen to name but two, but I have known Catholic Priests who were really nice people and very helpful, thoughtful, understanding and considerate people. It is not the entire Church, nor the Faith, which is bad and corrupt, just certain aspects of the leadership, especially in Ulster, Erin and Alba (Scotland).

The Men and Woman of Ulster really need to take a long hard look at not the Faith, if it gives them comfort, but those who preach peace and love in one hand and do nothing to about the violence and sexual assault which goes on in the name of God the Father.

With one side wanting Rule by London and the other side wanting Rule by Dublin my people are missing their god given right. To Rule themselves. Before they were Irish or part of the UK We were Ulster. We had our own King and thus Kingdom. We were one of the Five Kingdoms of Erin, with Donegal as the seventh county. In-fact Counties Donegal and Derry work together closely with the archaeology of the areas. But in all of their wisdom the British left Donegal in Irish hands when they granted Ireland Independence, keeping the 6 counties of what we now call Ulster.

In all of my readings I have yet to find evidence that my Pre-Christian ancestors went to war because of the way someone said a prayer. Yes they may have had slightly different Gods for some aspects, namely Love and War, but they only went to war over normal things like greed and honour. And yet when I brought this up I received such a torrent of abuse I was taken aback that it came from an Ulster Woman, but a Christian none the less.

Alba is gaining independence from the UK, Wales is considering it, but until Ulster unites under their own flag, they will always be subjugated by England, always poor, and deprived of it’s ability to make life better for it’s people. NO money, no work, no prospects, no way to live.

We once, oh so long ago, were the best sailors and craftsmen, Our weapons traded across all Europe, Our Copper and Bronze and Gold bedecked every known nation from Northern Europe to the Med, and yet who remembers this? In-fact the people who are classed as Irish and those who are now Scots all came from a small tribe from the Antrim and Derry areas of Ulster before 7000 BC. But we as a people seem to have forgotten this, and we happily destroy our Kith and Kin over a Faith that was never our own and never truly believed in, because we still believe in the Fey and Fairy mounds and the Shee riding the winds. Our capital was in County Derry, not Belfast, which was only a Norman and Norse trading settlement.

Love is…   Leave a comment

Love ‘Tis a strange thing me thinks. I Love you is very different to I’m in Love with you. Both are unconditional or should be anyway.

I Love you can be used to describe your feelings towards almost anything and we use it almost without thinking. I love football (soccer) (I do not but just as an example). I Love my Mum, I love my cat, car, fishing, music, heavy rock, Guitar, this planet. I love my friends. I also Love my Angel, but because I know Her not, I am not in Love with her. My Angel is Mortal, well I think She is, She could be Fey disguised as Human but I will never know.

To be in love with something usually only relates to a person, unless you are strange and you happen to be in love with your car, then maybe you need to talk to someone about this. Wife, Partner, Husband, These are usually the only ones you are In Love with.

As I said Love should be unconditional, just because you love your car, do not expect it to love you back, and yet songwriters use love as a cosh. To bludgeon the listener into believing that their love is eternal and the best thing since sliced bread and you will love them back just because.

Love is a Raw energy coming from your heart, sex is not love, nor is violence, despite what many young people are brought up believing to be true. I have known this from people I have spoken to, I have seen the black eyes and bruises. But there is nothing that I can do apart from advise the person to leave. And not just the young, but woman of my age as well. Is it any wonder that the kids grow up thinking that this is the norm, and not all of the scars are visible, some are mental.

As Sting once sang, “If you love someone, set them free” and yet if you try to leave you get threats thrown at you. And still some of the biggest things are a Love Reading, or a Love Spell to “Let me find Love” or make “Him/Her fall in Love with me”. Try talking to the light of your life, and maybe you will find out that they are not going to be the light of your life. Just the opposite may well be true in fact.

Setting them Free hurts like hell, I know, but it is something that you should do if you actually realise that they do not have the same feeling towards you. And this can be quickly ascertained with a well-placed and worded conversation. But that is part of the problem is it not. Realising that it is over, and then letting them go and feeling your heart breaking and getting on with life. Sometimes we have a love, which is unattainable, and yet we strive to make it happen, sometimes egged on by a song or a friend. Stalkers are the ones who have gone way to far with their fantasy relationship instead of letting them go, wishing them well and walking away and NEVER going back to try again. To me That is Love, to walk away when it hurts so bad you want to scream to the Gods “Why” but you know that it will never happen in this lifetime, no matter how much you wish for it. Unless you bind them to you to do your will, to love you, but is that Love, or selfishness and cruel.


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The Gods have been strangely quiet of late, and my writing has dried up, not even a verse or a line, not that I can write at the moment anyhow. But really I have not been anywhere, done anything, wanted anything, and I walked away from what is unattainable. So do I need guidance? I think not, not at this time anyway. But I know that Danu, Morigan, Brid, Airmid, Fildas, Andi, Kaskai and the rest are there should I need help. So I have accepted my life, the mess it is and I am just cruising along.

So what is on my mind, apart from my skull. Medical, this led me to a very controversial subject, animal testing. This may get me a few bad looks and maybe even people stop following me. So Be It. Shit Happens.

So right or wrong. Both to be fair. Now I love all creatures, but especially cats of all sizes. And eating animals is right if that is your way, but I have covered that elsewhere. But what is Right about Animal testing?

It is a necessary evil I am afraid. Without animal testing where would medical science be without it? Cat Flu jab is very important, it will stop my cat getting the flu and dying, they could not have done it without animal testing. Bovine TB jab could not have been done without it, see where I am going with this, cool. This is where it is right and as I said a necessary evil.

Wrong! Using animals to do human gene testing, cosmetic testing, really, what bunny would use eyeliner? But they have to be tested, how else can they be proved safe for human use? There is one group of “Animals” who have no use to the World at large, currently residing in an 8×10 room behind high walls. And these “Humans” and I use the term very loosely because when they committed their crimes, they forgot all about the rights (Human or animal) of their victims. I am talking about Sexual predators, drug dealers, murders, Slavers and those who find animal cruelty fun or acceptable.

To my mind these people have no rights because they did not give a damn about their victims rights. No one is better or more worthily to live a free life without being used or attacked than anyone else. And what is more, these Scum will then be of use to the world, use scum save a bunny or mouse or monkey, win win. And if it is safe on them then it would be safe on the general population. As I said this may get me a few bad looks, but that is ok, we have to live by what we believe is correct and right. OK, if it makes you feel better we can pay them to do these tests, or we can just use a bunny and not give a damn about paying it for services rendered.

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