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Mysteries of the Great Spirit   5 comments

Within the silences of the snowfall
Through the gales through the Autumn Trees
Within the Lightning Storms of a Summers day
Through the last Frosts of Spring
I witness the Mysteries of the Great Spirit

As I walk amongst the Trees of a Wood
Or I touch the clouds atop the mountains
As I watch the Ebb and Flow at the Waters edge
Or watching the plants stir, I see the Wind
I am Awed by the Mysteries of the Great Spirit

I watch the Stars rove across the night sky
And I feel the turning of the seasons
I witness the raw power of the Elements
And see the creatures living their lives
I give Praise to the Mysteries of the Great Spirit

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A Tree for all seasons   Leave a comment

Winter Fashions undraped and bare
Lightly Slumber with barely a stir
Bare Skin glistening with winter snow

Spring Herald, and buds you show
Stirring gently in the warming sun
Life returns from deep underground

Summer Sun warming your covers
Birds and Beasts find shelter within
Flowers brighten your highest reaches

Red and Brown are Autumn Colours
Chilling rain cools your skin
Coverings are left upon the ground

A Tree for all seasons
Beauty un-noticed but un-matched
Showing us the turning year.


Posted August 30, 2012 by davescallon in Pagan, Shaman, Verse

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