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Right where to begin? I am Ian (pen name) and the e-mail is if you have relevant questions, which will be answered on here. I am in the UK and married.

Purely by chance, no, not chance but Devine Influence led you here when you needed it, this means that a Guide or a Spirit or a Devine being is guiding you, so you already have Help from above and beyond upon your Path. That is really Top Cool, and all you have to do is Listen, and Watch to find out Who and What this Helping Essence is.

A few so called “newbie” have contacted me to thank me for this blog. So you are new to the Path, top Cool, even if you do not know what Path you are on yet, but let us get one thing straight from the start shall we. I am no Guru, nor am I a Messiah, or Prophet, nor any of the like. I will advise and tell how I did/do things. The rest is up to you. First thing is this, you may well lose friends and family if you blurt out “I am a Witch”, just because I did not give a damn does not mean you do not give a damn. If you are happy to do it, then go for it, but family and friends will treat you differently, Only you can decide this.

But the thing is, Newbie is yet another bullshit term, hell’s teeth but I am still learning, so am I a Newbie? Err, no. So you are unsure about your Path, so let us start by calling you Witch, you can change it later, but now it will do to start with. Also you are learning, but so are most of us who are free minded. If you want to join a Coven and pledge yourself to others and do what they say and how they say it, then that is your right, and a Wicca Coven will be right for you, but you will still need to learn the basics, and if you are lucky someone in the Coven will teach you, and you can spend all of your hard earned cash on stuff that you do not need to buy, at least yet. And you will meet once a month to call down the moon et al. then you can walk around calling yourself a Wicca Witch, and then give no praise for the rest of the month unless there is one of the 8 festivals of the Wicca Faith. Else you can call yourself a Witch, and if it makes you feel better you can wear the “L” plates learner drivers use. No, but they may suit you. Lmao.

So what do you need to start on your Path, nothing you do not have. Just yourself. Yep, that is all you need, you. Cool hey, I have me, you have you, everyone and everything is totally groovy, Gods but I sound like an old Hippy. Right just make sure you have you, check, great now we can start in earnest. An open mind and patience are always useful as well, but this WILL develop as time goes on.

So you have you and your mind, and you are a little unsure about what comes next, do I need a robe? Sacred dagger? Expensive candles and factory incense? Tarot Deck? Not unless you really want them, no, but let us keep things simple. Faith, Awareness, Growth, Balance.

First things first, take a good look at yourself, you can not lie to yourself, same as you can not lie to your Gods. Faith comes from within, from your Spirit, that which makes you, you and me, me. Accept what you are, it may take a little while but you can learn to at least live with yourself, if not Love yourself, and all of your faults. Through bitter experience I know that Ice-skating up hill will do nothing but block and hinder and make you very grumpy, I still am grumpy, but I am gifted like that. Why do you want to change your Faith? What are your faults, what could you improve in your life, what would you improve. With the last two think about them, most of the time your life is your life for a reason, even if you do not know that reason yet, accept your life for what it is, sometimes it may be hard, but by accepting, only then can you change, but it may be Fated, for you to learn some lesson, to understand something, and have a bigger understanding of life, your life. The Gods are fickle, and they can change your direction at any time, trying for the impossible will only lead to disruption and stress.

What is the Energy? Kai, pure and simple, this lump of rock we live on is alive, the sun is alive, I am connected to everything in the universe, because I have the same Kai as everything else, which all stems from the chaos which is the centre of the Universe, all things created have this same energy. When we give healing, or grounding ourselves or casting Magicks we are using Kai, Spirit, life force, will, etc. We have a limited amount within us, but there is infinite energy available within the Universe, but over time we naturally regain Kai. Sometimes we can jump start by doing a grounding on ourselves, which usually leaves us refreshed, but at this time, try not to worry about it too much, you have way more than you need at this time.

What is Faith and Path? To me, Faith is the general group of Paths to a general theme, Christianity is a good example, and most people understand it. Roman Catholic, Mormon, Jesuit, Quaker are Paths within the Christian Faith. My Faith is Alt Religion, (Pagan) while my Path is Native Irish. My Path has changed a few times, from general just worshiping Gaia, through the Roman and Greek Gods, to the worship of the Viking Gods, to Celtic and now Native Irish, but for now, it is all very confusing, but try to keep within a “Family” of Gods, from only one culture, it is better and less confusing that way. You will know that you truly believe when you wake up one day and know that you have found your Path, and it is right for you. You just know.

So, the circle is important, but why? Because it is smooth, with no sharp edges to fall off (grin). Life is a Wheel, the Planet is (almost, in the grand scheme of things anyway) round and goes around the sun, which goes around the galaxy, which goes around the Universe. Wheels within Wheels, Night to day to night, Spring to summer to autumn to winter to spring. Wheels within Wheels. It has been said that there is no straight edges in nature, and as far as I know this is true, but there is curves and circles.

So a basic circle to start with. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere you will need to change the Prosperities of North and South around, because for you North is towards the Sun while South is towards Antarctica. Simple really.

North, East, South, West are the four directions, draw a circle, and put north at the top, East on the Right, South on the bottom and then West on the left. Cor, that was easy was it not, told you it was a basic circle. Also unless you know where North is in relation to your home, a cheap compass would be useful. This is standard. Add to this Winter and Earth in the North, Spring and Air to the East, Summer and Fire to the South, and Autumn and Water to the West. These are fixed and standard. And finally you have a God/ess, which we will call Great Spirit of Earth. In time you will change the name, but for now the Great Spirit of Earth is who you will ask for help, guidance and whom you will call upon when North Working, Do the same for the other three directions with the Great Spirit of the Elements.

Now it is down to you. Sit quiet and think about North. What Quality does it conjure up in your mind, cold maybe, food from Earth, there is no right or wrong to this, this is what makes it personal to you and the start of your Path, have a look at the first line of my North in my page Shaman, just to give you an Idea, but it needs to be personal to you, rather than a copy of me. What Colour/s do you think of when you think of this Direction, and the Element? Write down all of these answers under the Direction Heading. Next think about a Plant of the North, and if you feel a pull towards more than one, cool. And Finally do the same with an animal. With the animal, there is an added element to it, what does it say to you, strength, courage, honour, healing, only you know what an animal means to you. And the quality of the Animal can also be a Quality of the Direction. Now do the same with the other three Directions. There is no time scale, no rush, no-one looking over your shoulder saying hurry up or this is wrong.

When you have these basics you have your First Wheel, your first Cycle. In time as you work with the directions your Wheel will change, and you may be Happy with the Great Spirit names I have given here, but if you feel the need to change to a God/ess name and their Characteristics or even make up your own Names and then give them Characteristics of your choosing, as always this is your Path, your Way, Your Choice, Your Right. This is where I very seriously disagree with Wicca, because with Wicca, there is little if any Free Thought, where you need to think for yourself, otherwise why bother?

Right let us open your mind a little, this will not hurt, well maybe a little, but it is really worth it in the long run, and it is the basics of learning to meditate, and casting Spells, this three part exercise needs to be done 1, 2, 3. But you can be trying these exercises while working on your Wheel.

Stillness Of Body
Get comfortable, either laying or sitting, and then stay in that position for as long as you can, not moving your eyes, fingers, tongue, nothing at all. If you find that your mind starts to wander and starts to think about things, stop thinking. You need to aim for 20 minutes, and once you have achieved this, continue for another week, trying to extend the time, and write down everything.

Breath Control
Once you have achieved Stillness it is time to focus on your breathing. While being still try to make your breathing as deep and slow as you can, without putting any undue strain on your lungs. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Get your mind to think about nothing but the breathing cycle. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Deep and slow. Aim for 30 minutes with your mind focusing on the cycle, being as still as you can while breathing. Once you have achieved this, continue for a further week, and try to extend the time.

Thought Control
While using the techniques of Stillness and Breathing, aim to silence the mind completely from all and any thoughts. But this will prove to be difficult to start with because the human mind is a maelstrom of chaos with thoughts and ideas constantly on the move, and even a few seconds with a quiet mind can be looked on as a success. Aim to withdraw the mind from all and any thoughts which arise and try to lengthen the period of time of total silence of mind. When using Magic, total control over your thoughts is necessary to focus the Will to achieve the results you need, otherwise the Will may be corrupted and thus the results will not be as required.

Eventually you will be able to do thing like washing up or mowing the Lawn and you will find that your mind is still and quiet, this is a good sign, a very good sign indeed, it will help when casting spells and healing.

I am not going to even suggest what will happen to you when you Pass Over into the next Life, only you can work that out, myself, Morrigan will judge me, and if I am deemed worthy and I have learned my lessons which I needed to learn, then Manannan will take me to the Other World, where I will sing (badly) feast with my Gods and my Ancestors. If I am Deemed not Worthy then I will go to the Underworld where Labraid will judge me and send me back here to learn my lessons, as either an Animal, Plant or Human.

I have an Oath, and I have a Creed, my Creed of Living is in my page Prayers. This I say every day upon getting up, the first thing I do. There are a few well known Creeds that have been around a few years, the two main ones are from Crowley :- Do what you will be the whole of the Law, and this is also used by a few Chaos Orders too. Basically you can kill, rape, steal, and do what ever you want to do. The other main one is Wicca :- And it Harm nought, do what you will. Send healing to help the Planet while burning Paraffin Candles and Factory Incenses and driving home in your 4×4 feeling good because you did your bit. My Creed keeps me guided upon my Path to Balance, I can attack and defend as need be. But again only you can come up with your Creed, which will keep you Balanced and in Faith.

And you can start to honouring your local Spirits, put a slice of bread out while you are having your first cuppa, it is a nice touch and say “What comes from Nature, return to Nature, with Thanks.” or some such thing, it is basic and simple but you will notice the change in yourself and your area. This simple offering will bring Blessings and Guidance from the local Spirits, and if you happen to live in a block of flats or you have no back garden, then go to the local park and break it up there, saying the words softly, under your breath.

Ok now what? How do I use the energy? When can I blast someone to bits? Easy tiger, let us crawl before we start training for the Olympics shall we? Why, I want to know now! I am not going to tell you yet, there are various Spell books out there which you can read, borrow or buy, with some good spells in them, Reading is Key, Learn all that you can. Ego and Power can corrupt and will destroy you and where will you be? Hmm? Up shit creek without a boat, let alone a paddle. And I do dislike those who abuse the Power just to cause harm for kicks, it is far from clever as to be just moronic and pointless and being a bully, and I hate bullies. But This is for later, check back.


Posted October 2, 2012 by davescallon

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