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Despite a few ailments I never got into the use of Herbs, Shock, horror. But I have just started to look into treatments of various problems which are affecting me and normal medical treatments are little or no help, and sometimes the side effects can be problematic to say the least, including Liver Damage. But why now, at this state and time of proceedings? Because I can, and might as well and it is something new to learn about. The realm of Airmid.

So what to do? Well to start with check out the internet, find out a few basics, what does what and how do I do what I need to do with what I have got. Confused? Trust me, it does make sense. But do the Oils work? Most people say yes that have used them, the Hedgewitch swears by them, so they probably will work.

So what have I got growing in the garden? A very large Buddleia, Ragwort, Rosemary, Bramble, Nettles, about 10 different grasses, (I did say it was my little bit of the Wild), and a few plants which I have no idea about.

So I know what problems I have and I know what plants I have available. But in mid September there is little in the way of flowers, but the plants are still around, apart from the Ragwort. So what problems are cured by the plants available? Well Rosemary is a great plant for me. I should bath in it, eat it and smell it, or even better, become a rosemary. That will give the neighbours something to talk about. Just as well I love Rosemary then, is it not. Also goes very well with Pork, big bonus if you ask me.

Anyhow, what to do? I can scan the internet, go into a shop and buy the oils, go on line again and cure my ills, but is that Herbology? Or just playing with oils? I have also read that the moon effects the plants, but to what real extent? And that I should only harvest on certain days or even hours? OK, Right, When did this start. Did my Irish Ancestors say “You can not harvest that for another 2 hours yet” And if you can only harvest on a set hour of a set day with a certain moon, how often will that happen then? Let us be real about it, just because it is day time, does not mean that the Moon is not effecting the tides, does it, no, there are still tides during the day. Or I have to ask a certain God/ess or Saint whom I do not believe in, because they are in rulership over that hour of that day.

Airmid is the Goddess (Native Irish) of Herb lore and Witchcraft, so after asking Her and if She lets me know that a particular hour or day is necessary for harvest, then I will abide with that, but until that time, I will harvest has and when. And what part of the plant is good for what aliment. Are the leaves or flowers better for Gout? Or even the branches or root. If it is only the flowers then I will have to wait until next year, if I have time, and in the meantime I will have to buy the readymade oil. But for me, this is a half-hearted attempt at it, because I am not making the oil myself.

So what do I need? A Copper Sickle, thrice blessed during a thunderstorm atop a Holy Mountain of Nuff Duff during the Full Moon by the Holy Order of the Hidden Golden Hedgehog, or can I use my garden cutters. Hmmm. Until told otherwise by Her, I think that I will use my cutters. Tools are tools, I think, but it is the mindset and reverence which the task is done which will make the difference, as with fermenting the herb and then making the oil. If I just add the essential oil to the base oil without really thinking about it, regardless if I used my magical Sickle on a set hour. So I think, if I strip away all of the unnecessary and add a little of my healing Kai into it, it will be potent enough to work how I need it to work.

But I will need the Still to get the Oil from the plant, which will not be cheap, unless I can jerry-rig something together. The main question is this. How did my earliest Ancestors do it? Do I know how the oil is created today? Has each little bottle been carefully crafted with magical energy and feeling, or done inside a factory somewhere without a second thought. What is the point and where is the fun or learning if all I have to do is go into a shop? Boring.

Airmid, Goddess of the Herb and the Witch
I ask for your guidance this day
Guide my hand and my mind
Clear the fog of un-knowledge
And teach me your Way of the Herbs
Airmid, Witch Queen of the Herbs
Grant me your grace and knowledge
So I can Work in your Honour and Name
To create and craft my potions to heal.

So unlike most of my bits on here, this one will get updated every so often as and when I do something and/or work something out, with Airmid’s help of course.

And there was me thinking that I had written enough, just goes to show. Far to much to blab about.

Airmid, with thanks I give praise to you for your guidance. Re-picked up Natural Witchcraft, just the need to read it was enough. Re-read about the plants and now I know what I need to help with my not so helpful poor memory and forgetfulness. The leaves and stems of my Rosemary to make a tea. Also, according to Marian, this will also be useful in awakening Psychic skills. She does not say how much, but going on what she said about Sage, maybe a couple of tea spoons and ½ pint of water. Maybe a couple a day, but I will have to buy at least 1 more plant. But that means I can start without waiting for Spring when the flowers come back. Cool.

14th Sept     Just brought two more Rosemary plants, and I have had 1 cup with between 4-6 inches of plant and steeped in 1/2 pint of boiling water for about 5 minutes yesterday and today, and it may just be in my mind but I do feel better, not such a brain-fog going on, and I have not forgotten anything, so I also brought some Rosemary incense sticks from Broomsticks. But we will see what happens.  Still tired constantly but we can deal with that later.

Tincture of Rosemary – for Gout – Queen of Hungary’s Water
Place the tops and flowers of the Rosemary into a sealable Jar and add eg 80 Proof Vodka until the herb is covered and then upto half of the jar. The jar is stored in a dry but dark place for 4 weeks and the jar is shaken once a day. After 4 weeks the liquid is transferred to another jar with the aid of cheesecloth etc, so you just have the liquid. This is then rubbed into the affected Joint to relieve the pain and discomfort. This can also be drunk, one spoon a day after main meal. It was prepared by putting 1 1/2 lb. of fresh Rosemary tops in full flower into 1 gallon (4 ½ litres UK, 3 ½ US),

“also the head washed therewith, and let dry of itself, preserveth the falling of the hair, and causeth more to grow.” http://www.gallowglass.org/jadwiga/herbs/hungarywater.html
So instead of Vodka, use distilled water and do the same for a hair rinse. All exciting stuff, but we are going to try without the flowers, now and in spring try with the flowers, just to see the difference, live and learn.

22nd Sept

Well I brought 2 x 1 1/2 l seal able glass jars and 2 l of groundnut Oil and this morning I cut, washed and dried some Rosemary and now I will make up the Tincture of Rosemary. Also I brought a 2l bottle of spring water, so I will also attempt to make the Hair Wash, but both will take 4 weeks before they are ready to use. We will see.

Also got two Thyme plants to make Mouth water to heal sores and ulcers and the sore throat.

10th April 2013

Well, I have been suffering with a screwed up right (main) hand from Gout since early January, and I have been waiting patiently for the nettles to grow, with Brid’s Blessing, and I am still waiting. But I picked up some raw Ginger Root from the supermarket, to mix in with the Nettles, to make an Anti-inflammatory oil for the gout. But still waiting. But now that I have it how do I use the Ginger? Grate, cut or use hole, waiting for guidance  but if any kind soul out there knows and would like to save Airmid the task of teaching a fool, then please yell out, thanks.

On another note the Thyme. It works. Although my two guinea pigs (Wife and Daughter) have now refused to drink the Thyme Tea, (do not know why? Even added honey to taste). I have had to wait until I got a sore throat, and due to chronic snoring on my part, I woke up with a sore throat. So after my first cuppa, I asked Airmid for help and I cut about 4 inches of branch and leaves and put them into a mug. Added boiling water and covered for about 5 minutes. Strained into another mug, added a little honey and sipped the tea. It really did help my throat within a few hours it no longer hurt. Top cool. I will keep you posted about the nettles as and when. Yes I know, all this excitement. I am just to kind to you, and really should ease up on the fun aspect, before it gets to much.


http://intheherbgarden.wordpress.com/ Garden Gypsy taught me a little about the use of Ginger while I was asking Her about it’s uses for inflammation.

Ginger I can absolutely vouch for; that’s one of the uses I grow piles of it for. It also increases circulation where it’s applied topically, so don’t be surprised at some reddening. It can bring on a period early within a few days of it starting, or make a current one a lot heavier. That’s more common internally than externally, but I’ve seen it happen then, too. Mixed with nettle, I’d probably go for cut unless I needed the oil in a hurry. Grating will mean having to strain bark-bits out, but the oil will be ready much faster. Cut will be a bit slower, but easier to filter. Whole, I’d save for something you plan to store long-term; ginger bark is fairly sturdy stuff, and infusing would take some time, but the ginger would hold up for a lot longer.


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  1. I like this site it’s a master piece! Glad I noticed this on google.

  2. Hey thanks Hildred.

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