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Winter Fashions undraped and bare
Lightly Slumber with barely a stir
Bare Skin glistening with winter snow

Spring Herald, and buds you show
Stirring gently in the warming sun
Life returns from deep underground

Summer Sun warming your covers
Birds and Beasts find shelter within
Flowers brighten your highest reaches

Red and Brown are Autumn Colours
Chilling rain cools your skin
Coverings are left upon the ground

A Tree for all seasons
Beauty un-noticed but un-matched
Showing us the turning year.


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21st December 2012   2 comments

It’s the End of the World as we know it
Or is it?
There has been a lot of Doom and Gloom predictions over the last couple of years, more than usual I mean. All because of the Mayan Calendar, which ends 21st December 2012.

Some of these predictions are that a planet, X is on course to have a near miss with Earth, but Planet X, due to it’s Magnetic Field, will drag Earth off into the Galactic Core, where we will be destroyed. This is despite the fact that Sol, our Sun is a lot bigger than Planet X, and it is the reason why we stay within our Solar System. There is another one tied to this theory, and that is that said Planet it being flown, like a giant spaceship by a race of Aliens, and they are coming back to Earth to collect all of our gold, which they need to fly their planet. Have we finished laughing yet? Another one is that when we pass through the Galactic Centre, which is an imaginary line, much like the Equator on Earth, all of our magnetic fields are going to flip, and while they are flipping, we will all fall off into space. We, if I am not mistaken, have passed through the Galactic Centre many times before. What about our gravitation field, that is what keeps us on here, tied to this is another one that while our poles are switching we will all get fried by the Suns radiation. News flash … the Poles have switched before, and yet there is still life on this planet. The final one is that there will be a Global Earthquake/flood/eruption. Which will tear apart the world.

So the Winter solstice is going to be very busy this year, what with Aliens, floating off into space while being fried by the Sun, Oh, and of course the Earthquakes. All of this because a calendar is ending!!! Strange that life did not end 5000 years ago, when the last one ended. And I have seen people on line offering Survival Guides for 2012 for $50. And people are buying them. If you can waste $50, give it to an Animal charity, do not make a conman richer.

So what will happen on the 22nd, well it all depends on where you are, here in the UK, there may be snowfall, the big fiery ball will rise in the sky ( as usual), the birds will sing, and life will go on. The only two major things that may happen is a massive Solar Flare burst around that time which might disrupt global power and communications by giving Earth a global EM pulse. And there may be a slight change in Humans, but not in all of us, but it may well effect everyone. This last 5000 years has been a violent time, the next 5000 years is (according to the Mayans and the Hopi) an enlightened Age, a true end of Ragnarok as the Norse called it. But it may take 100 years for the old powers to relinquish their hold on power, but they will not give up without a fight. How many Centuries over the last 3000 years has there not been war somewhere on this world? The other one? Look at the current economic situation in the world. Has Greed brought the World to the brink of a major Global Financial Depression. We will see, give it another 2 years. Most major wars have been about 2 things, Religion and or Greed.

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Danu, Creator Goddess of the Celts and the Natives of the British Isles. She is one that is both Celtic and Irish, this can be seen in the fact that both tribes revere Her in place names. In the UK She has several names, Danu, Anu, but She is One despite the different names.

Due to the fact that Danu is revered by both tribes as Creator Goddess, this points to the fact that both tribes had common ancestors. Now we are talking at least 12000 years ago, if not earlier, before the original tribe split and half moved west to Ireland and Wales, while the other half moved East to become the Celts.

Life, Creator Goddess, Mother Earth, Great Spirit, Prosperity, Shaman. These are Her main governance, although some will also add Fertility, Harvest, Love, Crafts. In Ireland Her main Sacred site is the hills Dá chich Anu (The Paps of Anu), in County Kerry, Ireland.

Parallels can also be drawn between Danu and Tailtiu, the apparently original Mother Earth of Ireland. Sometimes Danu is also confused with Brid.

Morrigan, the Phantom Queen, Goddess of Death, War and Prophesy. Queen of the Shee, the Waling spirits who foretell a Death in the House. Chooser of the Slain. Sometimes She is known as The Morrigan, her Tripler Form. But just because she can transform into a Maid, Mother or Crone does not really alter the fact that Morrigan is still the same Goddess.

I am unsure how much reverence the Celts placed upon her, but the Irish did revere Her. So She may have been created after the original tribal split.

Other areas of governance She has been given are Water Goddess, Fertility Goddess, Goddess of Love. So the Phantom Queen of the Banshee is lovely and caring. I am sure She really appreciates that. Let us have a Quick look at one of the Myths that has survived. She had intercourse with the Dagda, Father of the Gods. And After the act She had to relieve herself, with such superhuman gusto that a river was created. Hmm. Interesting. So She had sex and went to the loo, so now her Bed and toilet are sacred sites, and based on this story she is a water, love and Fertility Goddess. By that count why is the same site not a sacred site of the Dagda? He was there as well. This is intresting only in the fact that Morrigan mated with the Dagda, thus She was not related to Him by Blood, She is not one of the Children of Danu. More likely the opposite Sister of Danu. In truth only part of this was Morrigan, part is from another War Goddess called Medb, who actually took part in the battles, rather than using Magic to influence the outcome.

The Plain of Muirthemne (near Dundalk, Co. Louth) is considered a sacred site because She fought the hero Cuchulainn whilst in the form of an eel, wolf and a red-eared heifer. This story is not the only one in Irish myths which is partly concerned with the ability of shape shifting, which does tie in well with the Irish belief of the Transmigration of the Soul. So Morrigan could shape shift, So why does no-one think that this should be one of the Governances of the Phantom Queen? Because maybe it is so beyond our thought patterns as to be pure fantasy. Yet Shaman throughout the world and ages have professed this. So Shaman and Shape-shifting should be classed as Hers. Even Her ability to transform from Maid to Mother to Crone and back again is Shape-shifting.


Goddess of the Land, Fertility of Crops, Crafts, and Healing. All of the crafts are Hers, Art, Music, metalworking, weaving, as well as the growing of crops and the raising of Cattle. The Virgin Goddess, where no man can gain admittance to Her main Temple in Kildare. It is said that County Kildare did not exist until She chose it as the Site of Her Main Temple.

Woman from all over Ireland went to Her Temple to ask for help if they were having trouble conceiving. Which points to the fact that the people also believed that Brid was also not just Fertility of Crops but Fertility of all things. She was the most Revered Goddess in Ireland, the original Patron of Ireland, so much so that the Catholic Church amalgamated Her into the Church as a Saint, just to get bums on pews, and then later when the people were settled with the grasp of the Church they revoked her Sainthood, and all but removed Her from the Church.

Another one who is classed as a Triplet, strangely all named Bridget, but these are just different aspects of the same Goddess. Imboc is her festival, pray for the fertility of the land in the coming year. The start of Spring.
Caer Ibormeith

Goddess of Dreams, Sleep, Visions (Kee’yair EE-bore-meeth (as in teeth) ) – Loch Bel Dragon, Newgrange. Another Goddess with the ability to transform herself, usually into a swan, and She also had the ability to teleport herself to another Place. In the story of Óengus She appeared in his room and sung him to sleep each night for 3 nights, not reappearing on the forth night, and then disappearing back to the Loch.

Caer was the Daughter of another God, …., and She was stunningly beautiful and very well gifted in Magic, rivalling that of Her Father. She also played the Harp.

She, if really needed, could be classed has a Moon Goddess.
Suz Leicteiribeoga

Goddess of Rock Music, Song writing and Inspiration. A new modern Goddess created by Danu, Morrigan and Brid. 2nd June is her day, just because.


Goddess of Witchcraft and Herbal Lore, Daughter of Dian. Unrivalled in her knowledge of the use of Herbs, and it was her Fathers jealousy which caused the loss of knowledge about the uses of herbs by everyone but Airmid. Her sacred place is that of Her Father, Heapstown Cairn (The Well of Sláine), Co. Sligo.
Dian Cecht

The main God of Healing and Medicine and also a talented Smith, making a fully working silver arm for Nuada. In fact that he was so important to Medicine that the Irish legal tract, “The Judgements of Dain Cecht” lays down the rules regarding the treatment of the wounded, that the attacker must pay the cost, and that every wound, however small, had a price.

He was a jealous God, murdering his Son and mixing up the herbs which his daughter used so that no-one but her will know which herb is used for what purpose.

His sacred place is Heapstone Cairn, (The Well of Sláine), Co. Sligo

Goddess of Wild Animals. Not a lot is known about Her, almost next to nothing, but unlike the Hunter type God, All wild animals are under Her protection, rather than all animals. Flidais ties in with the Shaman aspect of the Native Irish, and personally I have not worked with this Goddess as of yet, but sometime soon I will do.

As to sacred sites or dates, I do not know as of this time, but that may change, when I do Work with her, but the really wild places, if any exist still in Ireland, I am sure she could be found. Flidais is as close as the Irish ever got to the Horned God of the Celts, Cernunnos, yet she is Female, where most other Gods of this type in the main Pagan Faiths are male.

God of the Underworld, and of the Ancestors. Bri Leith, County Longford, and also the Isle of Man. Samhain is His day, when we can commute with our Ancestors. This time was treated with great reverence, being one of the Main festivals of the Native Britons. Today it is nothing like it should be. Not much is known about Labraid (La-Braid), or the Underworld, but it is thought that when a person dies, they either go to the Otherworld or to the Underworld. In the Underworld the Kai, or Soul is judged and quite probably sent back to this world in another form, maybe Animal, Human or even Plant. This is the basic essence of the Native Irish belief in the Transmigration of the Soul.

God of the Sea and Travel, Water, fishing, and it was Him who would take the chosen to Everisle, the Land of Eternal Youth. In the tale of Bran the Blessed Manannan tries to show Bran and his companions Everisle, when they are lured away. But Bran and company sail away. No-one gets to Everisle unless through him, unless the Fey decide to steal someone who is asleep upon a Fairy mound.

He drove a Chariot across the Seas around Ireland, and many sites are said to be sacred to the God of the Sea, including The Isle of Man, Sea: The Irish Sea, Waves: The Tonns, off Donegal Coast, and his symbol is the Triskele, which is the Flag of the Isle of Man.

It is Him who should have been on the beach during my first Vision, but alas, I am still here to tell the tale.

God of Writing, Language and Magic. One of the original “Children” of the Dadga. The originator of the written word and creator of the Ogham, the original written script of the Native Irish. From His mouth to our ears.

The Ogham was said to be based on Latin, but this is pure fantasy and wishful thinking, because the Ogham was added to, to incorporate the Latin alphabet, has the original Ogham language had, for example, no P. A pure Native Irish language written on wooden staves and later on stone obelisks. Found mainly in the South and West of Ireland but as far a field as Scotland and France.

Irish God of War

Irish God of Love – Newgrange


Irish Goddess of Horses, Healing Fertility Beauty – Brí Léith – County West Meath, Inber Cíchmaine

Irish Great God – God of Magic, God of Time, Protector of Crops, Earth god of Life and Death – Uisnech (Tara), Brugh na Boinne (Newgrange) 1st November is said to be his day.


Irish God of War, Possibly also a Sun God. Last of a long list of War Leaders of the Tuatha De Danann. As with all War Leaders, His festival is Lughnasadh – Lugh – 1st August where races are held for 2 weeks either side of the day in His honour. The first was Partholon.

Irish Goddess of Love, Summer, Wealth and Sovereignty. – The hill of Knocking (County Limerick) – Midsummer Night Feast – involving fire and the blessing of the land.

Irish War Goddess, who took part in battles. She is a Mother and Warrior and is also sometimes confused with Morrigan.

Some God/Goddesses are Celtic/Welsh and has such they have not been included within this list The four main ones are Bel – War God of the Celts, Brenwen – Love Goddess of the Welsh, Cernunnos – Horned Hunter God of the Celts, Rhiannon – Fertility and Justice Goddess of the Welsh. The change in the names used by the Native Irish could be due to the changing nature of the Language. Looking back over the last 1000 years, the English language has changed quite a bit, so over 7000 years how much would the Irish language have changed.

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Not only do we have a host of local Animals including a rat and Hedgehogs and various birds, but I have just seen a new visitor to my little piece of wilderness which is my back garden. Mickey the Mouse. Eating the food I had left out, which mainly gets eaten by the birds.

For me the Mouse = Stealth, Secrets and the direction is South. Seeing the mouse now, for the first time, at this time, tells me that the Secrets I have are safe and at the moment are necessary. More Guidance from my Gods. I give thanks and praise to you all for the Guidance you give me in this part of my journey.

Eyes and mind open always, because you never know where or when Guidance will be given.

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Why do we do things at a certain time, Devine Guidance. I am not talking about basic things like making a cup of tea, having a break, etc. I am talking about important things. My latest example was this. Went to buy a new mouse for her computer, and I eventually went down to a small PC shop which I generally buy my PC upgrades from. Anyhow, there is a new Occult/New Age shop just over the road from the PC shop, I had seen it several times, despite it being there for about 2 years, but for reasons beyond me I had never gone into it until Wednesday. Something made me cross the road and go into this shop.

Looking around the shop and then I came to their book selection, which covered quite a range of books, not just on Wicca, but Shaman, Occult, Magick, Earth Magic, and even a book for the Satanist Witch. Had a flick through several books but I was drawn to none, until I picked up Marian Green’s book Natural Witchcraft, flicked through, reading bits here and there, and I just knew I had to have it, so although I went out for a new mouse, I was led to this book as well.

Read it from cover to cover in one day, and I found that I Worked very similar to how Miriam Works, a lot in common with each other, and despite that I have read quite a few books on various Paths this is the first time I had read one of Her books. With most books I have come across over these last few years, they are geared towards Wicca, Spiritual, Angels, Coven, but this little shop had the book I needed when I needed it. Thus Devine Guidance. If you have not read it, get a copy, read it, especially if you are interested in the pages I have written on here. She goes into more depth than I have here, and despite my many years on this Path, I found myself learning a little bit more, rather unexpectedly, but very gratefully. We are never to old to learn, even those who are settled on their Paths. Granted my Path is Shaman based while Her’s is Hedgewitch, but basic elements are very similar.

Gods Bless and Keep you safe Marian, if I had met you 15 or 20 years ago, I could have learned so much more, but my time is limited I feel, my loss. Thank you, you are a true Teacher, and your Wisdom is a gift from the Gods.

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A work in progress

3 November 2011


Basic Magical Control

The following 6 exercises are the basic practices to enable the Magician to work with their Will in casting Sorceries. Mastering these techniques is fundamental in all Magic practice. Having a Magic Diary/book will enable you to see how far you are progressing, how your abilities are growing. Write down every time you practice, duration, success, internal influences, external influences, and anything else you feel is relevant. As you progress you will work out what is important and what is not.

Pick a time of day when there is a good chance of not being disturbed, but if anyone else is in the home then just advise them of what you are doing. Try and have a set time to do this. Due to the human mind having a natural physic block, to stop the unconscious dream mind from interrupting the normal waking state, these exercises are not normal behaviour for us, and thus a serious determination will be needed to achieve the desired results, but the rewards will be great in the Works of Magic.

1-3 are the very basics which are needed to be mastered before you can progress onto 4-6. 4-6 are the techniques that you will be using when casting spells and Works of Magic.

Stillness Of Body

Get comfortable, either laying or sitting, and then stay in that position for as long as you can, not moving your eyes, fingers, tongue, nothing at all. If you find that your mind starts to wander and starts to think about things, stop thinking. You need to aim for 20 minutes, and once you have achieved this, continue for another week, trying to extend the time, and write down everything.

Breath Control

Once you have achieved Stillness it is time to focus on your breathing. While being still try to make your breathing as deep and slow as you can, without putting any undue strain on your lungs. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Get your mind to think about nothing but the breathing cycle. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Deep and slow. Aim for 30 minutes with your mind focusing on the cycle, being as still as you can while breathing. Once you have achieved this, continue for a further week, and try to extend the time.

Thought Control

While using the techniques of Stillness and Breathing, aim to silence the mind completely from all and any thoughts. But this will prove to be difficult to start with because the human mind is a maelstrom of chaos with thoughts and ideas constantly on the move, and even a few seconds with a quiet mind can be looked on as a success. Aim to withdraw the mind from all and any thoughts which arise and try to lengthen the period of time of total silence of mind. When using Magic, total control over your thoughts is necessary to focus the Will to achieve the results you need, otherwise the Will may be corrupted and thus the results will not be as required.

Object Focus

Using meaningless things, a mark on the wall, a star, hold it with a fixed dead stare. Do not let the eyes distort the image, nor let the mind wander. Focus entirely on the object, as if nothing else was even in the world. The object is your world, nothing else matters. Aim for at the minimum 30 minutes at the start, but if you can keep it up for hours then so much the better.

This Dead Stare gave rise to the idea of the “Evil Eye” and with practice, if targeting a Being, the Being will feel the stare, and may feel uncomfortable and nervous. If such a connection exists then Kai or maybe even thoughts can then be transferred this way.

Sound Focus

Any simple sound can be used to control that part of the brain which controls speech, and this is very useful for certain types of spell casting and Words of Power. “Um”, “Om”, “Ah”, “Hum” are all sounds with no intrinsic spiritual, egotistical, or emotional value. Thus the mind will be able to just concentrate on the sound, without digressing. Say the sound in your mind, repeat it over and again. The sound is your world, nothing else matters, just keep repeating it over and again. If you find that the sound even repeats itself during sleep, this is a good sign.

Image Focus

Imagine a simple shape, circle, cross, square, triangle. And with your eyes closed focus on the object, with out any distortion to its shape. When you have mastered the image, switch focus to another basic shape, and focus on that image until you have mastered that. When you can clean and clear switch images after holding for a length of time, try to do the same with your eyes open, projecting the image onto a blank wall, and hold a single image still and with no distortions. Then switch images to another basic shape and hold that image the same as the first. Projecting an image strong enough for others to see will take an immense amount of Will and concentration on your part.

Have I achieved the abstains of lust? Just conjuring it only for it’s purpose, as exercise? Liberating myself from it’s mental slavery and thus freeing my mind from it’s bonds. Not that I did much in the way of Lust in the first place, to be fair, Not for sex or anyone, nor for a result. No Lust at all. Consequently I am also doing the same with Anger and Desire. Over the last year I have been able to distance myself from the Anger which has had a hold over me for 30 years. And with Desire, my first step has been with regards to my Angel. No thoughts, feelings, wants, or anything at all. Any even fleeting thoughts are replaced with mundane thoughts of no consequence, Crack in the wall, will it rain?

These feelings and emotions only seek to limit my Magical Working, shrouding everything with the fear of failure, and need to be successful. And distracting my mind while I am working. “Thus does my Kai manifest”. I do because I Will, I do not because I Will. I do not wish, for wishing is Desire. I Will, therefore it is.


Some will say, and have said, that there is enough evil in the World that you should only do good. And this is true, for the most part, for as a wise man once said “An eye for an eye will blind the entire world” But this work is about Balance and not to add it would not be Balance. There are times in ones life when a wrong has been done to you, and there is no Justice, because either Justice is Blind, or it is not a Criminal act, or No remorse has been shown by the attacker. And in 2 years they are free while you still suffer. In these cases Nature may well Balance out the wrong done to you. Justice may be Blind, but She is not Deaf.

There is a misconception that you need a Skyre Mirror or else be in close proximity to curse (Hex) an enemy. Not true. I know this from experience. And I know the Results. If the Will is strong enough then the attack can happen, yes, it is an attack, and the end result could be Murder, of which you will be charged if convicted.

The same energy used for healing is used for Hexing. It is the Will of the user which determines the result. I have sent Healing maybe 4 dozen times, every time unrequested by those who were not well or their Family.

As I said Will is the key, as with all Magic, but Anger is also useful, as is it’s opposite, Rapture. Using the Loss of Rapture, let the Anger manifest and Grow within your mind, focus on the power of the feeling and then focus on the target, sending the Energy to that target with the command “Justice”. There is no fear of failure, because if it is Justified then the target will get their just desserts from Nature, and if nothing happens then it was not justified for you to act, and may be you were not thinking clearly when you perceived whatever Wrong that was done to you. Just never do it without the command Justice. Nature, as well as Kai, your Spirit, Soul etc will remember, even if you forget, and things will Balance out. Nature in Balance. Nature is Balance. An undeserved attack is a hostile act, same as assault or GBH, and you will get the justice back. Nature knows how, even if you do not. An unjustified attack may well lead to a reciprocated attack back from the target or friends, and then it will get out of hand and may well lead to Death of one or all parties involved. Kai is always watching, Nature is always aware.


The Opposite of the Hex, this is a powerful tool within the Magical Arsenal. It will take a lot more energy to do this, a Stronger Will, but the results can be spectacular. I remember once a long time ago, a Friend of mine called me up, and while chatting she told me her little boy was very sick, vomiting, fever, the works. The child was about 3 or 4 years old, and I had only met him a few times. She did not ask for any help, but I offered to say a prayer for him, she said thanks and hung up. Later that night I lay on my bed, light off and thought about my friend. I was into the Classical Gods at the time and while focusing on my friend I asked Fortuna for help. It was a bit of a risk, given the Nature of the Godform, and feeling as much love and compassion as I could about my friend I asked Fortuna to take away what was wrong with the child, even if it meant giving me the sickness and giving the child some of my health. And still thinking about her I shouted in my head “Heal them, Bless Them”. While I thought the words I let go of the Energy which had been building up. The following day She called me up and asked “What did you do?”

“Why, what is wrong?”

“It is as if He never was ill” she said, “He was standing up in his cot laughing this morning”

“I offered up a prayer, sent a blessing”

“Thank you”

That really surprised the hell out of me. And none have been as spectacular as that since, but none have needed such a Full heal as that.

Usually healing is done through the hands, think about the energy, focus on the energy, let it grow and then release it into the target, be it Human, Animal, or Plant, it has worked on all beings for me. If need be ask your Godform for help, it may help you focus and concentrate better. But it can be draining to you. You are, after all giving some of your health and lifeforce (or Kai) to the other Being. And it may not work that well if you are, yourself, drained, or unwell. Crystals and stones can also be useful here, use them to focus on, plus they will hold not only their own vibration and healing, but they will also hold a little of your energy as well. It will help to stimulate the targets own healing energy as well, so even after you stop, they may still get the buzz or zap from their own energy.

A full heal is a lot tougher, and in the same as the Hex, can be done over any distance. And full concentration is needed, while with the zap healing, once the energy is going, and as long as contact is not broken, with practice, you can sit and talk .

Some will find that as with all works, a full ritual will be helpful, or just incense and a candle, or nothing at all. It all depends on how the person prefers to work. Concentration is the key, as with all works of Magic.

Think about the target, and the illness, think about the love and compassion you have, and focus on the healing energy, once you feel the energy, again focus on the target, think about the illness leaving them. Asking a Godform for help will help focus on the energy, and while you are thinking intently with as much compassion as possible, release the Energy to the target. I have only once tried to give a full heal to someone who is terminal, but maybe because I was emotionally attached, and thus desired results, rather that staying unattached, it never worked. The Target died, and I have felt guilty since for not being able to save them. But can it work on someone who it terminal? Or it that going against Nature herself? What is, is. At this time I am unsure. Aids, Cancer, you may prolong the life, but can we cure?

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Wisdom Earth Connections Winter Rebirth

Morrigan AndI Danu

Cougar Buffalo Stag Owl Crow

Oak Yew

Capricorn Virgo Taurus



Green Brown



Creativity Air Illuminations Spring Joy

Suz Ogma

Deer Lynx Blackbird Rabbit

Aspen Conifer

Libra Gemini Aquarius



Blue White



Faith Fire Protectors Summer Strength

Brid Michael Aine Neit

Mouse Hedgehog Wolf Salamander


Aries Sagittarius Leo



Red Orange Yellow



Sacred Dreams Water Initiations Autumn Healing

Manannan Caer Ibormeith Dian Cecht Airmid

Bear Common Scoter Otter


Pisces Scorpio Cancer



Teal Blue Grey



Jasper – Faith, Courage, Earth Wisdom – Stone of Kaskai

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