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Sigel Reading   4 comments

Interesting, well it is to me, and it just goes to show that the Path and the Wheel are never stagnant. Since I accepted my Life, and stopped trying to “Ice-skate up hill” I woke up a few days ago and actually realised that I have now accepted my life, for all that it is.

This led to a slight subtle change within my Shaman Wheel, the knowledge came to me, and it as also led to the realisation that I now do not have any questions which to ask for Guidance by using my Sigel Set.

So yes, to me, it is Interesting. This has also led to the realisation that no, I am not cursed, as I believed I was for many years, but that was the feeling of everything going against you, because of the fact that I was so to speak “Going against the Grain” which was my life. There is no harm in trying to change your life, it is just that some things can not be changed, not yet. Anyhow, I did a General reading using my Stones, just because I could not think of a single damn question which I needed answering.

Before doing a reading I Ask
AndI Calm my Mind, Guide my Hand
Kaskai Guide my Mind, Guide my Hand
Danu and Morrigan Guide and Protect me, grant me the Boon of your Prophesy.

General Reading 21st September 2012

Self                                 Summer/South
Direction                     Will
Hope                             Life
Fear                              Lady
Past                              Night
Present                      Wait
Future                       Sage (wise old man)
Help                           Strength
Hinder                      Lust
Influence                Sea
Environment        Light
Outcome                Harmony

While some confused me to start with, Guidance came through, and it now makes sense. It translates (to Me) as follows:-
Protection and warmth within my self (South) as I follow my direction using my Will. The Hope of a Life is Fearful of a Woman in a Position of Power (Lady). My Past was dark and I could not see where I was going (Night) and I must Wait until now becomes the Past and then I will gain knowledge in myself (Sage). My Strength will aid me in this task, but Lust is going to be detrimental, (And there was me thinking I had got rid of Lust, but with this problem with my Visions, I guess it has crept back with the Need and desire to achieve). Water/West (Sea) has gained a lot of influence over the last few weeks, namely using Caer for attempts at Vision Quests, (Sea did confused me, but what is the sea, but Water/West.) And at this time I am Bright and able to see my Environment (my life) (Light) now.

All this will lead to me being in a state of Harmony, quite possibly with myself, (Gosh, that will be a first). And Harmony is Balance, Faith in Balance, myself in Balance, my Life in Balance. Or it could mean that I am going to join a choir, (Hell, not with my “Singing“ Voice, more like an out of tune growl from a mad and deaf Bear.) It will be balance, as long as I keep Lust and Ego under tight control. And do not let the fear of the Lady drive me backwards.

This pertains to the future, Sage and Harmony, and considering that 21st December 2012, the new long term calendar of the Mayan starts on the 22nd where according to the Mayan and Hopi Indians Humans will have an upgrade in mental awareness, is not that far away, it will be very interesting indeed.

21st December 2012   2 comments

It’s the End of the World as we know it
Or is it?
There has been a lot of Doom and Gloom predictions over the last couple of years, more than usual I mean. All because of the Mayan Calendar, which ends 21st December 2012.

Some of these predictions are that a planet, X is on course to have a near miss with Earth, but Planet X, due to it’s Magnetic Field, will drag Earth off into the Galactic Core, where we will be destroyed. This is despite the fact that Sol, our Sun is a lot bigger than Planet X, and it is the reason why we stay within our Solar System. There is another one tied to this theory, and that is that said Planet it being flown, like a giant spaceship by a race of Aliens, and they are coming back to Earth to collect all of our gold, which they need to fly their planet. Have we finished laughing yet? Another one is that when we pass through the Galactic Centre, which is an imaginary line, much like the Equator on Earth, all of our magnetic fields are going to flip, and while they are flipping, we will all fall off into space. We, if I am not mistaken, have passed through the Galactic Centre many times before. What about our gravitation field, that is what keeps us on here, tied to this is another one that while our poles are switching we will all get fried by the Suns radiation. News flash … the Poles have switched before, and yet there is still life on this planet. The final one is that there will be a Global Earthquake/flood/eruption. Which will tear apart the world.

So the Winter solstice is going to be very busy this year, what with Aliens, floating off into space while being fried by the Sun, Oh, and of course the Earthquakes. All of this because a calendar is ending!!! Strange that life did not end 5000 years ago, when the last one ended. And I have seen people on line offering Survival Guides for 2012 for $50. And people are buying them. If you can waste $50, give it to an Animal charity, do not make a conman richer.

So what will happen on the 22nd, well it all depends on where you are, here in the UK, there may be snowfall, the big fiery ball will rise in the sky ( as usual), the birds will sing, and life will go on. The only two major things that may happen is a massive Solar Flare burst around that time which might disrupt global power and communications by giving Earth a global EM pulse. And there may be a slight change in Humans, but not in all of us, but it may well effect everyone. This last 5000 years has been a violent time, the next 5000 years is (according to the Mayans and the Hopi) an enlightened Age, a true end of Ragnarok as the Norse called it. But it may take 100 years for the old powers to relinquish their hold on power, but they will not give up without a fight. How many Centuries over the last 3000 years has there not been war somewhere on this world? The other one? Look at the current economic situation in the world. Has Greed brought the World to the brink of a major Global Financial Depression. We will see, give it another 2 years. Most major wars have been about 2 things, Religion and or Greed.

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