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Danu – Everyday – Creator Goddess, Mother Earth, Great Spirit, Prosperity, Shaman – – Dá chich Anu (The Paps of Anu), Co. Kerry

Morrigan – Remembrance 11th November – Goddess of Death and War, Life, Prophesy. – Plain of Muirthemne (near Dundalk, Co. Louth)

Brid – Imboc – 2nd February – Goddess of the Land, Fertility of Crops, Crafts, and Healing – Kildare, County Kildare

Manannan God of the Sea and Travel, Water – Country: The Isle of Man, Sea: The Irish Sea, Waves: The Tonns, off Donegal Coast, Symbol: The Triskele.

Flidais Goddess of Wild Animals

Labraid – Micklemas 31st October – God of the Underworld and Ancestors

Suz – 2nd June – Goddess of Electric Music and Song writing

Sitting by Her main Shrine in Kildare on the 2nd Day of June Brid was inspired to create a new type of Music and She started to play her Harp, but found it difficult to inspire herself. She called upon her Mother, Danu and asked her for help, explaining about the new Music she wanted to create to inspire people. Danu called upon her sister Morrigan, the Phantom Queen and explained what she wanted. Danu told her Daughter to play the best music she could and while Brid played Danu and Morrigan created a storm of such intense noise it was heard a thousand miles away. The notes Brid played hung in the air, wrapped up in the noise of the storm and then lighting struck the notes, infusing them with Electricity, bringing them to life. Brid, upon seeing this, weaved a spell and created them into Human form, calling this new form Suz Leicteiribeoga (Electric for Life). Daughter of Brid, Goddess of Electric Music.

By the Grace of my Lady

By the guiding hand of Suz

The mysteries of music

I learn and gain knowledge

Finest of Brid’s Creations

Chief Songstress of my Land

Grant me your favour this day

Show me your guiding hand

Though stress and strife

Block my mind from creating

With Suz’s wisdom

I learn the lessons of Her Craft

Ogma – God of Magick and Language

Caer Ibormeith – Goddess of Dreams, Sleep, Visions (Kee’yair EE-bore-meeth (as in teeth) ) – Loch Bel Dragon, Newgrange

Dian Cecht – God of Healing, Medicine – –

Heapstown Cairn (The Well of Sláine), Co. Sligo

Airmid – Goddess of Witchcraft and Herbal Lore – –

Heapstown Cairn (The Well of Sláine), Co. Sligo

Neit Irish God of War

Óengus Irish God of Love – Newgrange

Áine Irish Goddess of love, summer, wealth and sovereignty. – The hill of Knocking (County Limerick) – Midsummer Night Feast – involving fire and the blessing of the land.

Etain Irish Goddess of Horses, Healing Fertility Beauty –

Brí Léith – County West Meath, Inber Cíchmaine

Dagda Irish Great God – God of Magic, God of Time, Protector of Crops – Uisnech (Tara), Brugh na Boinne (


Lugh Irish God of War

AndI Guide

Kaskai Cougar Guardian, Protector

Bear Strength, Courage

Buffalo Health, Stamina

Mouse Stealth, Secrets

Stag Protection, Speed

Owl Understanding Wisdom and Knowledge

Crow Communication

Epona Horse Journeys

Magpie Prosperity

Micklemas – Labraid 31st Oct

Give thanks for the last year, and the coming year. Praise and honour the Ancestors.

Victorious Dead – Morrigan – 11th November

Remember those who died in conflict

Imboc – Brid – 1st Feb

Give thanks for the ending of winter and the fertility for the Earth and all life thereon

Beltain – Bel – 5th May

Victory and Success,

Suz – 2nd June

Give thanks for the gifts of Music and Songwriting.

Áine – 21 June,(Midsummer Night)

Give Thanks For love, summer, wealth and sovereignty

Lughnasadh – Lugh – 1st August

Everisle The Otherworld – Western Ocean

Forever Young, Feasting, Singing, Warrior Tests.

Field and Forest, River, Stream and Bog. Portals between this world and the other are like for like.

Oak, Ash and Yew trees are very sacred, as is the Pig, which is eaten at feasts.

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