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Irish worship centred upon the interplay of the “otherworld” or divine element with the land and the waters. Wells, springs, rivers, and hills were believed to be inhabited by guardian spirits, usually female, the names of which survive in many place-names. The land itself was regarded anthropomorphically as feminine. The ocean, ruled by the god Manannán, was also, particularly in British and Irish cosmology, a force of great magic and mystery.

The Irish Otherworld was conceived of as a group of islands far across, or sometimes under, the Western ocean. Its eternally young inhabitants were believed to celebrate continuously with feasts, music, and warrior-contests. Many heroes in the Irish sagas are lured away by women from these islands, and later Christian saints were said to have sailed off in search of them.

Based upon a fluid cosmology in which shape-shifting and magic bonds between humans and other creatures are commonplace, Irish myths point to a strong belief in the transmigration of souls. What I do in this life depends on where Morrigan sends me in the Next, which is why I have such a Conscience. Have I learned my lessons and thus join the Host on the Otherworld, or do I need to learn more and thus go to the Underworld where I will be sent back here either in Animal, Plant or Human form to learn more lessons. That is entirely up to me during this life and Morrigan to Judge me. Such artefacts as the Gundestrup Caldron (found in Denmark) and the so-called Paris relief depict scenes of shamanistic woodland ritual, and much of Celtic poetry well into the Christian period reflects a preoccupation with transformations and animal consciousness. Trees were a central element in ritual, several types of wood being regarded as oracular. The letters of the alphabet and the names of the months were based on tree-symbols. The Druids took their name from an ancient Indo-European word meaning “Knowing the Oak Tree.”

Irish cult life revolved around seasonal observances. One of the two greatest yearly festivals was Samain (November 1), Summer’s-End, or the Feast of the Dead. The other was Beltine (May 1), Bel’s-Fire, which honoured the god Belenus and his province of war as well as other “goings forth” to pasture, to the hunt, to wooing, and so on. These periods were in turn divided by the lesser feasts of Imbolc (February 1), the beginning of the spring season sacred to the goddess Brigid, and Lugnasad (August 1), the feast of the marriage of Lugus and the day of the harvest fair. Christianity absorbed and incorporated these great festivals, some of the original spirit of which can be seen in the corresponding modern observances.

All life is sacred but Death is also Sacred. And Contrary to popular ideas set forth by the Romans, Ireland, Wales and the Celts were not drenched in blood by all the Sacrifices. Even in the Book of Kells, in the Lore of the Tribes, there was never a death penalty in general use. Maybe only in severe extreme cases. And no we did not eat our dead. I can harm and kill but will my Kai be tainted and thus deemed not ready to join the Host.

Every day when I cook my main meal, I take a small handful from my plate and set it aside to be given as offering to the Spirits of the House the following day. Every Day. Like the Gods themselves the Spirits are manifest in Nature. A Blackbird Family, A small Flock of Sparrows, several Hedgehogs, A Pair of Dunnett, and a very large and greedy flock of Raptors (Starlings), and a resident Rat (who lives next-door). This offering I give freely and without Doubt or Question. What comes from Nature, Returns to Nature. In this way I Honour not only my House and the Local Spirits, but also Danu., coupled with the Prayer I say to Her each night as I go to bed. Every Morning when I get out of bed I say my Creed of Living, which sets me right for the day to come.

My Faith I live every day, not just on Sunday, but it is my Path, my Choice. I do not demand anyone else to copy what I do, because that may not be their path. Set days though the year I light a candle and offer up incense and a prayer to the God who’s festival it is, apart from Brid. With Brid a flame is lit midday, and it is kept lit, candle to candle for 24 hours, until the final candle dies out. Every time I light a new candle from the flame of the old one I light a new incense stick and offer up the Prayer. This is how I imagine my Ancestors would have done it, basic, simple, and most of all Personal. Rather than with a huge amount of Pomp and Fanfare. The main Festivals may have been a little like that, but who knows. Personal Choice.

Is Electricity Good or Evil? Heat a house with it or save a life with it, so it is Good. But you can also send 10000 volts through someone strapped into a chair on Death Row, thus it is Evil. Wrong and right on both counts. It is a natural energy, and that is all. How a person uses it may matter, but then it does not change the basics of Balance. The same can be said of Magic. I bless and heal with this Natural energy, so it makes it a power of Good. But I can also Hex/Curse with the same power, which will make it Evil. Again Wrong and right on both counts. It is my choice how I use the Energy, but I, have to take into account my Conscience and my Kai. But it does not alter the basics of Balance. It is Energy, full Stop. The End.

The Christian Churches will tell me that I am Evil and going to Hell (the Underworld). How much blood has been spilt in the name of God. Ireland to this day Christian is Murdering Christian because of the name of their Faith, despite they both Worship the same God. How may Crusades were there? 6, 7? All in the name of a God who, in theory, is peaceful, and what about the Inquisition? Also in the name of a Kind, and Just God. Each year there are reports that Priests are abusing Children, or at least looking at sexual images of Children. But that is OK. It is alright. I can do what I want to, even if immoral or Evil, and then in the Name of God, I can Forgive myself.

Many Wiccan have told me that I must not use for Ill, or I will be Damned and Cursed 10 fold. But how many have done a love spell? OK The Power of Nature Creates Life, Destroys Life. Balance in Nature. Life and Death, Danu and Morrigan, Balance in Nature. Lion eats Zebra, Zebra eats Grass. Blood replenishes the Earth, around and Around we go, All Life in Balance. Is it not up to me if I use the ability I have to Hex someone who is against me? Or Bless someone who needs it. There is a lot of Evil in this World. There is a Lot of Good in this World. Balance in Nature, the Duality of Man and Nature. If doing Evil results in Good being done, am I Right or Wrong? If doing Good results in Evil being done, am I Right or Wrong? I curse a conman who harmed a friend, this stops him doing harm to someone else. Right or Wrong? I bless and Heal someone who then goes out and kills someone else or abuses a child. Right or Wrong. Balance in Nature.

Hypocrisy in Both counts.

Do the Gods Exist? Yes. Plain and Simple. Do the Gods walk upon the Earth amongst us? I have never seen one who I recognised unless 20 years ago, after doing a Working, the Old Lady I saw outside the Abandoned building I was using was Morrigan, the Phantom Queen. It was at about 2 in the morning when I left. She never said anything to me, nor approached me either. Yet several of the lads had said that the Old Lady had had a go at them for doing much the same, telling the lads to “Leave us alone, stop doing that“. But She may have just been an old lady out for a walk at 2 in the Morning.

But I receive guidance, not requested but gratefully received. Go down this road, move to this side, leave now what are you doing here (which I ignored and am now paying for it). But mainly while I sleep. Dreams are dreams, but Visions are real, as if it is happening, so clear, like real life. Very Lucid indeed. And usually within a few days the meaning is clear, but I am prepared from the warning so the damage is limited. So I believe that yes, the Gods are real and do Exist. More than once guidance has saved my life, including the time when I was out walking down a country road, something made me move into the hedge, 30 seconds later a massive lorry, the type used to take rubble from building sites, passed by fully loaded. I would have been crushed had it hit me, it was doing about 60 mph.

In my early days I brought Earth Power, great book well worth the read, but one “Spell” I did use a fair bit was this one. Go for a walk, find a Wood or coppice and wander in. Find the tree which feels right, as a general idea, the Oak is right for most if not all working. Yew is better for the Dark aspect. Find a leaf and using a blunt pencil or a piece of charcoal draw the Sigel onto the leaf. As you draw tell the tree what you require. Tie the leaf onto a branch with natural cotton, but not so tight that you may damage the tree and while tying repeat your request. Leave an offering at the base of the tree, food or silver works well, walk away. Let Nature take its course. My Half-sister got her first car this way, not that I got a thank you, just abuse. I learned a very good lesson that day, and never helped her ever again, despite being asked. ‘tis a simple spell, but it works well. All Hail the power of the Earth.

Several times people have asked can I do a love spell so that so-an-so falls in love with me? Yes I can, I can make them so in love with you that they go crazy with out you. But I will not do it. Why? Looks are not everything, and if you find that they are not right for you and you leave it will kill them. Love spells of that type are, to my mind, amongst the foulest of the Dark Arts. You are binding someone against their will, holding them prisoner for your whim, and then what happens when that person goes on the rampage because they are no longer with you? Even “Find me a new love” type spell are a little dodgy and can backfire in spectacular style. Instead go down the supermarket, club, pub. Talk to people. You want tall, dark and fairly attractive? Go to Greece or Italy. Blond? Sweden or Norway. It is not rocket science.

It was back in ‘94 when I first had a Vision. I was running on all fours along a wooded track. My head was heavy and I knew that I had Antlers. I was a stag. Then I was in a chain linked courtyard type place in an inner-city area, human again. I looked around and there was a raised area the other side of the fence, with a gap within the fence. Laying watching me was an Indian Tiger, He did not move but just watched me. Lastly I was on a beach. But not the seaside type beach. There was a post standing there and AndI was there, smiling and pointing towards the post. Then She was gone. I though that there should be a gong or bell on the post, but there was neither. Then I woke up. Covered in sweat. It was so real, all three areas, as if I was awake when I saw them. I knew the meaning straight away. Death, a journey the Everisle. I remember going into work that day sure I was going to die.

Two days later I was told that a family member had been rushed into hospital. So not my passing. I tried to barging with Morrigan to take my life instead of his, because of his young age. But he was taken.

Posted August 13, 2012 by davescallon

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