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So Maggie is dead, and my instant gut reaction was to cheer. Bad Taste? I do not give a damn. It was instincts. Yes she stood up to the EU and sent troops to the Falklands. But so what, what good do she really do for the world….. nope I can not think of a single thing, nothing at all.

But Dave, this is Politics, on your blog, outrageous.

Deal With It.

Yes I cheered, so sue me, I have no money, no job, no prospects, no life. I am working class Socialist and I have never hid that fact, same as my Path and Faith. Yes The Looney Left. I want to work, but can I work for a company whose ethics are against mine? No. Which is why I still want to work in the Public Sector, Council, Government, Health (NHS), Educational. Not in a profit at any cost company.

Deal With It

The reason why she stood up to Europe was because she did not want anyone else fucking up this country apart from her. She ripped the guts out of the Unions, so that the working man and woman, who relied on the Unions for protection had no protection. She sold of the Energy Companies to help with competition, yet every one of the Big Six rise their prices every year, while not investing in the future energy supply. She sold off the Rail network, and year on year prices go up so now people can not afford to travel every day to work in another city. She deregulated the banks, and started the culture of having “Friends” as the CEO of the banks without any experience in that industry, and in 2008 we now have a Global recession, almost as bad as the great Depression of the 1930’s. She ripped apart small towns and villages by shutting down the mines, while not making plans to retrain the miners, who had been doing it for generations, so there was no work. In the North East, she shut down and sold off the shipyards and steel mills, “British Steel” does not exist, owned by the US, importing their own ore from the US. And last but not least, the Poll Tax. Another move that raped the poor working class workers.

And yet Her legacy lives on in every industrial country, which is why we now have a global recession. Shame that did not die with her, then maybe he poor of this country can get a fair chance of work, those of us who want to that is.

Will I shed a tear, Yes, because I started work in the mid ’80’s, and I know what the shit-hole this country is in now, with no end in sight. Until the world ends the whole “Get Rich Quick” scheme and starts to look for real at what we are doing to this planet and the poor of this world.

But this goes out to my friends who have fought so hard for women’s rights. She would not have made it were it not for that movement, nor would Mrs. Clinton. 50 years ago a woman in power would have been unthinkable. That is how far the movement has come, you can not give up yet.

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OK so we know that I am sometimes a little behind current thinking, but have I missed something? Namely Spring, Summer and Autumn. I only ask because I had one of my little visitors complaining at me this morning about the white stuff covering the garden, the fact that the fatball was gone and he does not really like chips which I put out for all of those other visitors.

You can not help but notice the white stuff everywhere and the tit was sitting in the Buddleia near where I hang the fatballs, and all that was in the bag was snow. Not good. I apologized to him and to make up I put out some bread, went to the local shop to pick up some more, but they were shut, not open til Monday.

But still I am confused by all this, yes I know about global warming at all that. I did Imboc as I have always done it, but instead of Bringing Spring, we have snow, with 40,000 houses without power in Ulster 6,000 in Alba and inches of snow. WTF is going on here? And the big 6 energy companies are talking about low gas supplies and massive price increases. Now I have been good and tried to keep politics out of this Blog unless it directly impacts my Path, but 46,000 of my kin are without power and blackouts promised by the big six coupled with higher prices, (which we had in October), and what are they doing with all this extra money?

The government are screwing over the poor, the supermarkets are doing the same and the energy companies. It is already a choice of eating or keeping warm for many people in this country, especially the older generation and yet the government (yes that is twice I have not used the capital G, but I do not think they now deserve the capital) are not helping in the budget, again, and will not for  another 5 years. And Capitalism marches on-wards  taking our money for less goods back. All this because of the greed of the few caused a global recession, following Thatchers get rich quick scheme, instead of investing money in the right areas, like Wind, Solar, and Tidal energy, you know renewable power. Instead they are squeezing every last drop of oil and gas, and with the powerstations closing down, this Country is heading for major energy problems. And those at the top do not seem to care. But those of us at the bottom do give a damn, but what can we do about it? Without breaking the law or Morality, or my creed of living. I will think of something, Divine Guidance maybe.


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