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Ok, so I am a messenger, now I really know. But things have advanced for me over the last few days, in a way I could never see. I once wrote about a council of Faiths, it can be found here. On this I was very wrong, due to the message and Guidance Which Mother Danu gave to me yesterday.

A few days ago I saw a Duck which I had never seen before, and I wondered what it was, I am still not sure but I did ask for Guidance to add more Water/West into my life. Anyhow, I went online to find out about this Duck, (the wonders of the modern age). I found something similar, but it was not my Duck, it was the Ruddy Duck, been in the UK since the ‘40’s. I was on the RSPB website, and found that they are supporting the extermination of all Ruddy Ducks in the UK, because, get this right, The White Headed Duck is /was on the endangered list because of man. Now the 2 Ducks are very alike, and do mate in Spain.

In both Turkey and Pakistan the Duck has been made extinct because of the actions of Man, and in Spain, it was down to a few, but due to conservation numbers have risen to over 1000. So why kill the Ducks in the UK when others are not killing the ducks in Spain. France, Italy etc. What are the chances that any Ruddy Duck from the UK is mating with the Duck from Spain. And so what if they do. A new breed of Duck but with the same genes as the others, no different to my Daughter Jinkx, Part White, Part Caribbean.

So the Government is Killing because it can, again. Anyway, this lead me to another site where was listed a whole host of Culls taking place in the UK, Set up by the Blair Government and carried on my This Government. On the hit list are ALL Raptors, (Eagles, Kites, Buzzard, Kestrel etc), for eating the farmed game birds like Pheasant chicks. So because the Blood Sport Gun Clubs are losing out, let us kill All of these great Birds. Corvine (the Crow Family). Now this really pissed me off, Morrigan, the Dark Queen uses these as Her Messengers and spies. No proper reason was given to this. Grey Seals, of which 90% of the entire population is situated around the UK, reason, they eat fish. Sad but true, and they get caught in nets and then the fishermen can butcher the seal. But the Fishermen and thus the Government want to wipe out the entire population. Weasels and stoats, why because they eat the chicks of the game birds. Foxes for the same reason. Rabbits and Moles, for, get this, this is such a crime, digging holes in gardens and golf courses. Humbugs, we know about, because Farmers can not be bothered to vaccinate their herd. Hedgehogs, for no real reason apart from they do disturb the immaculate lawns of the money folk, who give the Governments “Donations”.

A link to the culls is here and the booklet is here. I am in no way associated in any way with this organisation nor with the RSPB, but I found the information disturbing to say the least.

Not if you think, not on my land you will not, think again. The Current Government is introducing new laws to allow their Jackbooted Hit Men to storm into your house and onto your land to murder any animal they deem fit. They are going to pass this law, so even if you have ½ acre or 50 acre of land, the hitmen will be allowed to murder on your land what they want. Truly we are a nation of Animal Lovers.

Anyway, I asked for guidance on what to do about this, and after coming back from Jinkx’s home yesterday after seeing her and giving her some Healing because of a really bad cold, almost Flu. Danu spoke to me. I know it was Her, I have felt Her before, Warm, soft, Comforting, Genteel and Loving, everything that I always thought a Mother should be. She spoke to me, but not in the Same way that my Dark Queen talks to me, no questions and Fact. It was just there, streaming into my mind. The Work that She needs me to do now, to change the World. What this is I will not say at this time, all I will say about it is that the Winds are picking up, and all of the Worlds faiths will be involved and in a really good way. One Voice.

The international Community is already talking about setting up a Council of Faiths within the UN, so once again I am playing catch up. Promoting Women’s Rights, Tolerance towards ALL Faiths, and the Mutual Respect to the Divine. Bring it on, I say. This will only make the World a much better place.

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How to define without coming across as a whiny whinge moron.

Do not know so to hell with it and I will do it anyway.

So my lesson which I have to learn is Loss, which most people suffer from at some time in their life, so why this? I do not know. How much is enough, and how can you write or explain how it felt 30 years ago, or even 2 weeks, so someone else can understand, not sympathise, but just understand. Tricky, but I would not be trying if it were not important.

First thing first, how do I know it is Loss I need to learn? Because over the last couple of days I have been told this direct into the brain, not a suggestion, but as Fact. The “other” way The Gods talk to me, rather than through dream/visions, of which I had the confirming one this morning just before I woke up. But I will come to that in a bit.

But over the last few days I have been thinking about what have I lost, important things, over the years. And some of these I have not thought about for years. Memories have been stirred, and in the past I have thought about and accepted, so the Pain has been dealt with.

So going back, way back, when I was 3ish being put in care in East London because mother Rita could not cope with 3 small kids between 1 and 5 after him leaving her. I have remembered snapshots of me running away from care back to mother in tears and her sending me back into care. How the hell I found Rita I know not, but I was probably guided to her by Andi and my Gods, even back then.

Fast forward a few years to 6 and my only friend in school was Samantha Wild, She was the only one to play with me, but then her family moved to Scotland. I lost my only friend in the world. I still think about her now and again.

Age 7. I was told, no forbidden, to phone Rita ever again, only because she told him that I was not his. From that day I lost my pride, self-respect, self-confidence, and then the shit really hit the fan at home. Including self-destruction, well I tried anyway.

Whiz forward, see the years fly by to when I was 16, found the Voice, the first Woman I ever Loved, but not in love with. My Angel.

17 Started to lose mobility, sleep and ability due to the disease which is raping every joint in my body, from my neck down to my toes. The older I get, the less movement from my joints and the more pain. DNA, I was made this way.

21 Angel disappeared from public view, I was crushed, despite many letters sent to Her, asking to work with Her, all were sent back RTS.

24 Lost my father and everything I thought I knew about me when he told me I was a bastard, “no son of mine”. Including my place within the “Family home” Guilt, Rage, Pain, Anger, but most of all Loss.

24/5 Lost my nephew aged about 7. No age to die, even though I bargained with Morrigan, my Dark Queen, I still remained and She took him.

28 Lost my freedom, although I knew it not then, but I know it now. Also I further lost any self-respect or pride over the years. It is just that I did not see it until it was way too late. Also lost my only two goods friends, due to situations beyond my control.

30 Angel came back into public view

31/2 Angel went from public view, again. Once again my loss.

33ish Finally lost my mind to depression, about 8 years in a wasteland, living on auto pilot not giving a shit about anything, least of all myself. Just doing to keep the family fed and clothed and amused.

40ish Angel on FB, me on FB, me told Angel how I felt, me left FB

41 Angel left FB

41 Lost my ability to leave due to conscience.

Sept last year, got Greebo, 6 week old black tabby tom kitten, which we were told was female and black

2 weeks ago, Greebo went out for the loo, and as not come back, with no sight nor sound of Him in this entire estate. That ripped the guts out of me. I have been in tears about that.

Even more so over the last 5 years or so, eyes are getting worse, short term memory is getting worse, and spelling is really getting worse. Even Long term is going a bit, songs which I have known and sang along to for years I can not remember the words. Also lost the ability to play guitar and I have not been able to meditate for more that 20 minutes for so long. And my ability to visualise has also gone to the wall.

Thursday last, I asked why must I keep losing out, why am I a loser. I was told To Learn.

This Morning (Saturday) (dream/vision) I was wearing my Studded Leather Jacket. Some kid standing behind me near a group of others I turned around, away, he jumped onto my back. I flipped my shoulders and he fell onto the floor, face first. I was kicking at his face, pulled his head back and slammed it again and again into the floor, (which is NOT how I do things, I wait for them to get up and then knock them down again, when they do not get up, I walk away. I Have Rules). By rights not even his dentist would have been able to identify him after what I did to his face. Yet not one drop of blood anywhere. I then bodily picked him up. One hand on his collar the other on his seat, raised him above my head and threw him head first onto the ground. In reality I have a fucked back and a very fucked hand. I might be able to pick up a cat, but not a person.

First reaction upon waking was Gods I am going to lose it in a fight, but then clarification came through, direct into my brain. Where Bloodless fighting, no-one dies, where? Everisle, the Land of Eternal Youth. Warrior skills and feats and tests, but no blood and no-one dies. The Home of the Gods and my Ancestors.

So have I learned my lesson? I think so, they think maybe. I will die and pass onwards with my Dark Queen to Everisle, where I will be whole and welcomed.

But it appears that I can not go just yet. But I really do not care anymore, I am going and passing over to there somewhen. It will happen, so what is a few years more. Why can I not go yet? I still have a job to do, which is look after Hilary, regardless of my ability, I have to look after her. For if I go then Jinkx will have to look after her Mother, and that will not be fair on the Kid. It is hard enough for me, let alone someone else having to do it. So I wait for Hil to pass over, wherever She decides to go to upon her death, then I will pass onwards and be judged worthy of my Gods and Ancestors.


Nettle and Ginger Update   4 comments

Now I know that you have all been waiting with baited breath for this, (ohh, be still my beating heart) and now here it is, (drum Roll please).


It works, yes it surprised the hell out of me to, because there is something I neglected to mention at the start. I did it with the same devolution as most people will use, none. No asking the plants, no asking Airmid, Goddess of Herbs, Brid, Goddess of the Land or Danu, Mother Creator. But it is not that strong, it takes away the pain, for the most part, and it works well with my Rosemary Oil, which I made, but the swelling has not gone down much. So not much AI, but not bad AG.


And for you money makers who were following the original post, If you try to patent it, I will be very, very , very angry with you. If you want to make it to sell, go for it, but if it is too expensive, the poor will not be able to buy it, so you can make a small donation to WSPA, WWF, Cat Protection, et. Al., keep the cost down and the poor can buy it, then well done to you. I may not be watching, but your Kai will be.


I will, of course be making a big batch, but doing it properly with full reverence to all. And then mix it with my Rosemary oil as a one hit oil.

Nettle and Ginger Oil   8 comments

Well we finally got there Thanks to Brid and Airmid. I picked enough leaves to 1/2 fill a 400ml jar and then added a 4″ piece of ginger, which I cut into small pieces, and filled with Groundnut oil. Put it into the cupboard under the sink and I will shake it once every day for 28 days. Then it will be ready to use, and I will find out if nettles and ginger work as anti-inflammatory.

fermenting the oil

fermenting the oil

Goddess of Herbs and Witchcraft

Airmid, Goddess of Herbs and Witchcraft

Testing on Animals   Leave a comment

The Gods have been strangely quiet of late, and my writing has dried up, not even a verse or a line, not that I can write at the moment anyhow. But really I have not been anywhere, done anything, wanted anything, and I walked away from what is unattainable. So do I need guidance? I think not, not at this time anyway. But I know that Danu, Morigan, Brid, Airmid, Fildas, Andi, Kaskai and the rest are there should I need help. So I have accepted my life, the mess it is and I am just cruising along.

So what is on my mind, apart from my skull. Medical, this led me to a very controversial subject, animal testing. This may get me a few bad looks and maybe even people stop following me. So Be It. Shit Happens.

So right or wrong. Both to be fair. Now I love all creatures, but especially cats of all sizes. And eating animals is right if that is your way, but I have covered that elsewhere. But what is Right about Animal testing?

It is a necessary evil I am afraid. Without animal testing where would medical science be without it? Cat Flu jab is very important, it will stop my cat getting the flu and dying, they could not have done it without animal testing. Bovine TB jab could not have been done without it, see where I am going with this, cool. This is where it is right and as I said a necessary evil.

Wrong! Using animals to do human gene testing, cosmetic testing, really, what bunny would use eyeliner? But they have to be tested, how else can they be proved safe for human use? There is one group of “Animals” who have no use to the World at large, currently residing in an 8×10 room behind high walls. And these “Humans” and I use the term very loosely because when they committed their crimes, they forgot all about the rights (Human or animal) of their victims. I am talking about Sexual predators, drug dealers, murders, Slavers and those who find animal cruelty fun or acceptable.

To my mind these people have no rights because they did not give a damn about their victims rights. No one is better or more worthily to live a free life without being used or attacked than anyone else. And what is more, these Scum will then be of use to the world, use scum save a bunny or mouse or monkey, win win. And if it is safe on them then it would be safe on the general population. As I said this may get me a few bad looks, but that is ok, we have to live by what we believe is correct and right. OK, if it makes you feel better we can pay them to do these tests, or we can just use a bunny and not give a damn about paying it for services rendered.

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Not Kill nor Cure   Leave a comment

First I am sorry that I have not been on here for a while, but just because really, those that have missed me, take better aim next time ;P :).

So finally after years of pain in my hands, knees, neck, shoulders, and back, I have finally been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine. Got told 12 years ago about my knees, and that the damage is, even back then, irreversible and severe, 3 years ago I was told I had Gout in my hands, and on the 27th December 2012, after months of nerve problems down my right hand side, I was told I had Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is arthritis of the spine, which will affect not only my back but my neck, shoulders and hips, as well as my eyes and mouth Ribs, and give me nerve damage.

26 years ago I first went to my GP and told him about the pain in my shoulders and knees and neck, but I was told that it was all in my head, and since then I have done labouring jobs, 6 ½ years in a supermarket on the produce department lugging sacks of spuds and 40 k boxes of apples and bananas all day, a year and half in a cash and carry, a lot of hiking and camping, carrying a full 75 l kit bag plus tent, roll mat, and sleeping bag and guitar and walking 15-25 miles each day.

So, Danu Created me with this, I must have been because it affected me at a young age and there is no cure and it will not kill me, just maybe cripple me, so I was wrong, I am not dying, I have another 40 odd years left, lucky me, not. Until Morrigan the Phantom Queen of Death decides to take me. When I told my wife she asked “What kind of a God would do that to someone, your’s can not be very nice” But those that have read and understood my pages may understand my comment to her which was maybe it is a test, a lesson which I need to learn for something I did in a past life, or to let me fully understand and be thankful for the ability of movement.


But there is one bright side to this, and that is my use of herbology, I made my Rosemary oil using fresh rosemary in a base of Groundnut (peanut) oil and let it ferment for 28 days and then filtered the oil into a clean jar. Early clinical tests (my own on myself) without the aid of any NSAIDS and the oil has helped with the pain which a full dose of Paras and NSAIDS never did. And with no side effects I can use it as often as needed, but usually only three times a day on a really bad day. When they grow I will harvest the nettles growing in my garden and do the same with them. nettles are reputed to be anti-inflammatory so with the rosemary and nettle I have all the healing I need without any side effects. Top Cool me thinks.


For me this is one of the worse disease I can have. I am a Rocker, I love to “Rock Out”, but I have been told that that would be detrimental to my health, The attacks of Gout have stopped me playing my guitar and now my fingers are stiff and not so flexable, playing has become painful. I love walking but now I should only walk short distances, and while my mind, Kai, and Will and body wants to do things my skeleton will not let me, and I have another maybe 40 years and just getting worse. Can I even work anymore? I do not know, I think that I have at least 5 years work left in me, (when I finally get a job in this dead city) but the only job I maybe able to do is admin, but will the stress of sitting at a workstation for 8 hours do me more harm than good? The Gods alone know, and I am bored of not working so I am trying to move to Fife, in Scotland, 250 miles to the north, because they have jobs there and I will not be in a city but close to three.


Tis strange, but I have already accepted this and yes I am pissed, but I was created with this so it is Fated, shit happens. But when I pass over I will find out and yes I will have a few choice words to say to someone if I have this just because She could. Where would the lesson be if Morrigan had taken me before, which is why I am still here. When they deem I have learned, then they will call me. End of story.


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