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Monsanto Patents Sunshine!   Leave a comment

Not only Sunshine but they are free to plant killer crops, congress is going to pass the act –
I do not care what you politics are, you have to oppose this, yell at you Representative of the house, yell at your President to scrap this act.

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Campaign Video about the link between Taiji Drive Hunting and the Captivity Trade   Leave a comment

Do to them as they do to others, see how they like it.

Campaign video against the link between the brutal Taiji Drive Hunting and Cetacean Captivity by Shona Lewendon, Lorraine Hammond and AnaGirl Empath.

We need to break this link and stop this cruel moneymaking enterprise.

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UK Government and wildlife pt2   2 comments

This is the second time that the UK Government has decided to affect a species of wildlife in this country within this year.

This rejection was based on not enough evidence to support the ban, while the Badger Cull is based on not enough evidence. So as long as we are killing a wildlife species, at the behest of some farmers here in the UK, it does not matter if there is or is not enough evidence. Mr. D Cameron and co., you are not making friends here.

Kaskai Talks   2 comments



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The Dark Queen   11 comments

So I came across this blog regarding the Dark Queen Morrigan, She of Death and War. It was written by a main Druid of the order of BOD in the US. Basically Morrigan has been calling Priests and Priestess because “A Storm is Coming” The blog is at and was started July 31, 2012.


While usually I would just dismiss this, has I do with so many sites regarding the Queen of the Shee, especially when the person confuses Her with her Sister, Mother Danu, Creator Earth Goddess. But something made me read the entire blog, and upon reflection, I can not just discount it.


I had the major need around the time of this blog to start my own, that was the first thing, another recently was the fact the the Dark Queen has contacted with visions and thoughts my 25 year old daughter Jinkx. Up to this point Jinkx was very happy with only Mother (Gaia) and she felt that she did not need another, but Morrigan decided otherwise. Point 2.


Yes I know, I am aware that in the past when my young Nephew died I asked Morrigan to take my life to save his. She refused and I cursed Her then and there, and I did not talk to Her for years, because I felt that She had let me down. Years later She gave me a vision dream as a warning, and I knew it was from Her, She showed me.


Is there a storm coming? Or are we in the middle of it. But would Morrigan cause a war? No, not her way, not Our way, not at all. But I asked why have you not called me to battle then? but insight has told me She has, they all have. Because I am always one step away from war at the best of times, and since I was 24 I have prayed to the Gods of my Ancestors, and treated them as real. And writing this blog, which is only my aspects of what I believe. the Truth as I see it. But yes while I do not use NBC weapons, I have used the power of the Universe to help or hinder others, I am still at war, always, against those who attack me and mine, or those whom I call friend, or those who can not fight back due to Faith restrictions or health or ability. I have been fighting my whole life, against my 1/2 brothers friends, bullies at school, Christian Fundies in the 80’s and early 90’s and thugs and morons because I was a Rocker and still even now. I use all that I can, sometimes a fist, sometimes a curse.


But going back to my blog about the Mayan New Calender and what I wrote then, makes point 3 methinks. So maybe he is right and my Dark Queen is gathering the faithful, for what purpose, well She has not told me, nor do I expect Her to, but I will know when it happens.

Additional Quote of the Day   Leave a comment

This is so very true, from my own experiences of life. It is only when we are older can we sometimes change what we have become to something better.

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Support Musicians – Buy Music – Black Dahlia Murder Rant   Leave a comment

If you like it, buy it, what ever the media is, film, music, book. I have never stolen music, even if I had to go without something else to buy a CD/LP/MC (Vinyl and cassette to you youngsters).

Metal Gaia


Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder is not happy. He recently made a rant about fans and the music industry. Basically, TMDM has more than a million likes on Facebook. Yet their music sales are barely enough to keep the band in business. The music industry does not care about people’s feelings. A Record Label will only keep a band if that band is making money. If the band tips below a certain margin of profit – all those things fans love, the albums, the songs, the tours – all that will be gone.

Ever since digital downloads started taking off in the 90’s, the music industry has been going further and further down the tubes financially. Gone are the days of Rock Star Luxury. These days most bands eat Taco Bell three times a day and sleep in their touring van after shows. I’d say 99% of musicians…

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Seeing Auras   Leave a comment

I have never been able to do this, but I will give it a try, Thanks again Kat

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Excerpted from Miss Kat’s School of Genteel Witchcraft

First off, Miss Kat doesn’t quite know how to describe this particular skill that anyone can do. Auravoyance? Auricle? Auronics, Aurakinetics? How about people who see, feel, hear, touch (which is not the same as feel), smell or taste auras?

The last statement needs to be explained because everyone talks about “seeing auras” and that isn’t always true. We use what ever sense happens to be our primary “other” sense. Most people trust their eyes more than their other senses, hence the term “seeing auras”.

We all have a complement to each of our primary senses such as: extrasensory hearing, seeing, feeling, touching, smelling and tasting. Empathy is extrasensory feeling. Telekinesis is extrasensory touching. Telepathy is extrasensory hearing. Sensing aura can combine any of the above senses.

Miss Kat was born blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other and…

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Nettle and Ginger Oil   8 comments

Well we finally got there Thanks to Brid and Airmid. I picked enough leaves to 1/2 fill a 400ml jar and then added a 4″ piece of ginger, which I cut into small pieces, and filled with Groundnut oil. Put it into the cupboard under the sink and I will shake it once every day for 28 days. Then it will be ready to use, and I will find out if nettles and ginger work as anti-inflammatory.

fermenting the oil

fermenting the oil

Goddess of Herbs and Witchcraft

Airmid, Goddess of Herbs and Witchcraft

Totem Poll   Leave a comment

Another Lesson to be used, explained like I could never.

The Road to Hel

First off yes I know I spelled it wrong but it was intentional. A topic that I have spent a lot of time studying and devoting my time to is the idea of an animal totem. Almost if not all ancient societies had the belief that there was either an animal soul inside of you or that you could call on one in times of need. Something that is both fun and a pain in the butt sometimes is when people chase me around begging me to help them find out what they are. So I wanted to take some time to break down a few different ideas on what a totem is as well as what differentiates a totem from a spirit guide, then I will put down what works for me. I believe everyone has there own way, but maybe my way of finding a totem can be…

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