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Vile beyond words   4 comments

This scum put this girlfriends cat in a tumble dryer on spin three times, and filmed and posted it on You tube for a laugh. the only remorse he showed was when his online alias was disclosed in court. 6 months jail and a ban from keeping animals for life, but the cat was not his in the first place. And this is English Justice, I think not.


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Biblebelt Witchy Mama

Two little images I found and would like to share.

Take out “Wiccan” and sub “Pagan”. Then yeah, it’s perfect (for me).


I especially like the end: calling a Pagan/Wiccan a satanist is like calling a Baptist a Lutheran. It shows your ignorance.

This one, I would like to share with Matt Groening and the folks with The Simpsons. This years Tree House of Horror spoofed on Paranormal Activity, with Marge being the effected woman. She became this way after making a deal with “the devil” (who was just a random demon): her sisters lives for the life of her future favorite child. The sisters, as teenagers, were bored in the basement praying to Satan while sitting on a giant chalk pentacle.


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Native Irish vs. Celtic   3 comments

No this is not an act of war or complaining about people doing things differently to me, I leave that shit to certain “Wicca” groups, (hello Richmond, New York).

A little history for you. Round about 10,000 years ago, a small tribe of wanderers were following the Ice receding Northwards, and came to a Land Bridge, (although if they knew it was land land Bridge, who knows) crossed over and for a while followed the coastline West, came to another Land Bridge at the edge of the Ice. These Nomads settled here as the Ice retreated North for a while, Basic Flint Mining, Fishing, Hunting (Wild Boar, Hare, Wild Fowl) and Foraging among the plants and finding seeds and berries and nuts.


Following the Animals who were going North when the Ice had gone, along the Eastern Coast, they settled for brief periods including at the mouth of a river Estuary, until they hit the North East Corner of the Island, where they found a better quality type of Flint. Here they stayed, and spread back South, and back across the Sea to the Mountainous area (Wales) where some of the tribe stayed.


Fast Forward 9,000 years and another group, similar to the first tribe, but different, settled on the East Coast of what is now England, and spread West, until they reached the boundaries of the Lands of the First Tribe, where they traded and raided as the mood took them. The first tribe were Native Britons, (Irish and Welsh and Picts), the second tribe were Celts from Gaul, and further Eastward in Europe. Due to certain facts both tribes were once one tribe, back in the mists of time, one part going East, one going West.


The Celts never settled in Ireland in anything like large numbers, only small family groups. This we can tell through the DNA of the Irish who live in the North West Corner Of Ireland, (Counties Derry, Donegal, Fermanagh, Sligo) where up to 96% of the population have the “Irish” Gene. So from this we know that the Irish settled and stayed, and have never left.

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Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

So how do you find your sense of wonder if you have somehow lost it? Be present in your body. Don’t worry about the past you can’t change it. You can only change what you are doing right now. You can’t change the future because it hasn’t happened yet and circumstances change. You can only be present in the now.

So how to be present in your body? It’s a lot like meditation to start. Become aware of your body. Feel the air that you breathe in and then let your breath go. Become aware of any ache or pain, acknowledge its presence and then let it go. Do not ignore it just let it go. Your pain is part of you but it is not you. Be aware of everything you body is doing inside that you can feel. And then let it go.

Now comes the fun part…

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For Starters   3 comments

Ok, I know I have been tardy in blogging, but my new page for those just starting on their Path is now up, and it will be updated as and when I get round to it.

Please feel free to use the information, but please be polite and remember where you found it. The reason why I am writing on here and not writing a book is 1) Saves Paper, 2) Not everyone can afford to buy a book at this time, and 3) Just because I can, and 4) I do not charge for Healing or readings, so why would I charge for this basic knowledge.

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