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Native Irish vs. Celtic   3 comments

No this is not an act of war or complaining about people doing things differently to me, I leave that shit to certain “Wicca” groups, (hello Richmond, New York).

A little history for you. Round about 10,000 years ago, a small tribe of wanderers were following the Ice receding Northwards, and came to a Land Bridge, (although if they knew it was land land Bridge, who knows) crossed over and for a while followed the coastline West, came to another Land Bridge at the edge of the Ice. These Nomads settled here as the Ice retreated North for a while, Basic Flint Mining, Fishing, Hunting (Wild Boar, Hare, Wild Fowl) and Foraging among the plants and finding seeds and berries and nuts.


Following the Animals who were going North when the Ice had gone, along the Eastern Coast, they settled for brief periods including at the mouth of a river Estuary, until they hit the North East Corner of the Island, where they found a better quality type of Flint. Here they stayed, and spread back South, and back across the Sea to the Mountainous area (Wales) where some of the tribe stayed.


Fast Forward 9,000 years and another group, similar to the first tribe, but different, settled on the East Coast of what is now England, and spread West, until they reached the boundaries of the Lands of the First Tribe, where they traded and raided as the mood took them. The first tribe were Native Britons, (Irish and Welsh and Picts), the second tribe were Celts from Gaul, and further Eastward in Europe. Due to certain facts both tribes were once one tribe, back in the mists of time, one part going East, one going West.


The Celts never settled in Ireland in anything like large numbers, only small family groups. This we can tell through the DNA of the Irish who live in the North West Corner Of Ireland, (Counties Derry, Donegal, Fermanagh, Sligo) where up to 96% of the population have the “Irish” Gene. So from this we know that the Irish settled and stayed, and have never left.

The Irish Gods   2 comments


Danu, Creator Goddess of the Celts and the Natives of the British Isles. She is one that is both Celtic and Irish, this can be seen in the fact that both tribes revere Her in place names. In the UK She has several names, Danu, Anu, but She is One despite the different names.

Due to the fact that Danu is revered by both tribes as Creator Goddess, this points to the fact that both tribes had common ancestors. Now we are talking at least 12000 years ago, if not earlier, before the original tribe split and half moved west to Ireland and Wales, while the other half moved East to become the Celts.

Life, Creator Goddess, Mother Earth, Great Spirit, Prosperity, Shaman. These are Her main governance, although some will also add Fertility, Harvest, Love, Crafts. In Ireland Her main Sacred site is the hills Dá chich Anu (The Paps of Anu), in County Kerry, Ireland.

Parallels can also be drawn between Danu and Tailtiu, the apparently original Mother Earth of Ireland. Sometimes Danu is also confused with Brid.

Morrigan, the Phantom Queen, Goddess of Death, War and Prophesy. Queen of the Shee, the Waling spirits who foretell a Death in the House. Chooser of the Slain. Sometimes She is known as The Morrigan, her Tripler Form. But just because she can transform into a Maid, Mother or Crone does not really alter the fact that Morrigan is still the same Goddess.

I am unsure how much reverence the Celts placed upon her, but the Irish did revere Her. So She may have been created after the original tribal split.

Other areas of governance She has been given are Water Goddess, Fertility Goddess, Goddess of Love. So the Phantom Queen of the Banshee is lovely and caring. I am sure She really appreciates that. Let us have a Quick look at one of the Myths that has survived. She had intercourse with the Dagda, Father of the Gods. And After the act She had to relieve herself, with such superhuman gusto that a river was created. Hmm. Interesting. So She had sex and went to the loo, so now her Bed and toilet are sacred sites, and based on this story she is a water, love and Fertility Goddess. By that count why is the same site not a sacred site of the Dagda? He was there as well. This is intresting only in the fact that Morrigan mated with the Dagda, thus She was not related to Him by Blood, She is not one of the Children of Danu. More likely the opposite Sister of Danu. In truth only part of this was Morrigan, part is from another War Goddess called Medb, who actually took part in the battles, rather than using Magic to influence the outcome.

The Plain of Muirthemne (near Dundalk, Co. Louth) is considered a sacred site because She fought the hero Cuchulainn whilst in the form of an eel, wolf and a red-eared heifer. This story is not the only one in Irish myths which is partly concerned with the ability of shape shifting, which does tie in well with the Irish belief of the Transmigration of the Soul. So Morrigan could shape shift, So why does no-one think that this should be one of the Governances of the Phantom Queen? Because maybe it is so beyond our thought patterns as to be pure fantasy. Yet Shaman throughout the world and ages have professed this. So Shaman and Shape-shifting should be classed as Hers. Even Her ability to transform from Maid to Mother to Crone and back again is Shape-shifting.


Goddess of the Land, Fertility of Crops, Crafts, and Healing. All of the crafts are Hers, Art, Music, metalworking, weaving, as well as the growing of crops and the raising of Cattle. The Virgin Goddess, where no man can gain admittance to Her main Temple in Kildare. It is said that County Kildare did not exist until She chose it as the Site of Her Main Temple.

Woman from all over Ireland went to Her Temple to ask for help if they were having trouble conceiving. Which points to the fact that the people also believed that Brid was also not just Fertility of Crops but Fertility of all things. She was the most Revered Goddess in Ireland, the original Patron of Ireland, so much so that the Catholic Church amalgamated Her into the Church as a Saint, just to get bums on pews, and then later when the people were settled with the grasp of the Church they revoked her Sainthood, and all but removed Her from the Church.

Another one who is classed as a Triplet, strangely all named Bridget, but these are just different aspects of the same Goddess. Imboc is her festival, pray for the fertility of the land in the coming year. The start of Spring.
Caer Ibormeith

Goddess of Dreams, Sleep, Visions (Kee’yair EE-bore-meeth (as in teeth) ) – Loch Bel Dragon, Newgrange. Another Goddess with the ability to transform herself, usually into a swan, and She also had the ability to teleport herself to another Place. In the story of Óengus She appeared in his room and sung him to sleep each night for 3 nights, not reappearing on the forth night, and then disappearing back to the Loch.

Caer was the Daughter of another God, …., and She was stunningly beautiful and very well gifted in Magic, rivalling that of Her Father. She also played the Harp.

She, if really needed, could be classed has a Moon Goddess.
Suz Leicteiribeoga

Goddess of Rock Music, Song writing and Inspiration. A new modern Goddess created by Danu, Morrigan and Brid. 2nd June is her day, just because.


Goddess of Witchcraft and Herbal Lore, Daughter of Dian. Unrivalled in her knowledge of the use of Herbs, and it was her Fathers jealousy which caused the loss of knowledge about the uses of herbs by everyone but Airmid. Her sacred place is that of Her Father, Heapstown Cairn (The Well of Sláine), Co. Sligo.
Dian Cecht

The main God of Healing and Medicine and also a talented Smith, making a fully working silver arm for Nuada. In fact that he was so important to Medicine that the Irish legal tract, “The Judgements of Dain Cecht” lays down the rules regarding the treatment of the wounded, that the attacker must pay the cost, and that every wound, however small, had a price.

He was a jealous God, murdering his Son and mixing up the herbs which his daughter used so that no-one but her will know which herb is used for what purpose.

His sacred place is Heapstone Cairn, (The Well of Sláine), Co. Sligo

Goddess of Wild Animals. Not a lot is known about Her, almost next to nothing, but unlike the Hunter type God, All wild animals are under Her protection, rather than all animals. Flidais ties in with the Shaman aspect of the Native Irish, and personally I have not worked with this Goddess as of yet, but sometime soon I will do.

As to sacred sites or dates, I do not know as of this time, but that may change, when I do Work with her, but the really wild places, if any exist still in Ireland, I am sure she could be found. Flidais is as close as the Irish ever got to the Horned God of the Celts, Cernunnos, yet she is Female, where most other Gods of this type in the main Pagan Faiths are male.

God of the Underworld, and of the Ancestors. Bri Leith, County Longford, and also the Isle of Man. Samhain is His day, when we can commute with our Ancestors. This time was treated with great reverence, being one of the Main festivals of the Native Britons. Today it is nothing like it should be. Not much is known about Labraid (La-Braid), or the Underworld, but it is thought that when a person dies, they either go to the Otherworld or to the Underworld. In the Underworld the Kai, or Soul is judged and quite probably sent back to this world in another form, maybe Animal, Human or even Plant. This is the basic essence of the Native Irish belief in the Transmigration of the Soul.

God of the Sea and Travel, Water, fishing, and it was Him who would take the chosen to Everisle, the Land of Eternal Youth. In the tale of Bran the Blessed Manannan tries to show Bran and his companions Everisle, when they are lured away. But Bran and company sail away. No-one gets to Everisle unless through him, unless the Fey decide to steal someone who is asleep upon a Fairy mound.

He drove a Chariot across the Seas around Ireland, and many sites are said to be sacred to the God of the Sea, including The Isle of Man, Sea: The Irish Sea, Waves: The Tonns, off Donegal Coast, and his symbol is the Triskele, which is the Flag of the Isle of Man.

It is Him who should have been on the beach during my first Vision, but alas, I am still here to tell the tale.

God of Writing, Language and Magic. One of the original “Children” of the Dadga. The originator of the written word and creator of the Ogham, the original written script of the Native Irish. From His mouth to our ears.

The Ogham was said to be based on Latin, but this is pure fantasy and wishful thinking, because the Ogham was added to, to incorporate the Latin alphabet, has the original Ogham language had, for example, no P. A pure Native Irish language written on wooden staves and later on stone obelisks. Found mainly in the South and West of Ireland but as far a field as Scotland and France.

Irish God of War

Irish God of Love – Newgrange


Irish Goddess of Horses, Healing Fertility Beauty – Brí Léith – County West Meath, Inber Cíchmaine

Irish Great God – God of Magic, God of Time, Protector of Crops, Earth god of Life and Death – Uisnech (Tara), Brugh na Boinne (Newgrange) 1st November is said to be his day.


Irish God of War, Possibly also a Sun God. Last of a long list of War Leaders of the Tuatha De Danann. As with all War Leaders, His festival is Lughnasadh – Lugh – 1st August where races are held for 2 weeks either side of the day in His honour. The first was Partholon.

Irish Goddess of Love, Summer, Wealth and Sovereignty. – The hill of Knocking (County Limerick) – Midsummer Night Feast – involving fire and the blessing of the land.

Irish War Goddess, who took part in battles. She is a Mother and Warrior and is also sometimes confused with Morrigan.

Some God/Goddesses are Celtic/Welsh and has such they have not been included within this list The four main ones are Bel – War God of the Celts, Brenwen – Love Goddess of the Welsh, Cernunnos – Horned Hunter God of the Celts, Rhiannon – Fertility and Justice Goddess of the Welsh. The change in the names used by the Native Irish could be due to the changing nature of the Language. Looking back over the last 1000 years, the English language has changed quite a bit, so over 7000 years how much would the Irish language have changed.

Faith in Balance   Leave a comment

I have not written this to gain Followers or Friends. I am Single and Solitary in my Faith, ‘tis my Path, but I am writing this to Pass on my Knowledge to those who may need it. I have a major need to pass on this information, Divine Influence. You will know if it helps, then you know you were guided here by a higher power, Mother Earth. If I wanted friends I would be on face book, and if I wanted Followers I would be on Twitter, and if I wanted Fans I would be on Myspace.

It all started when I was 15, back in ‘85, and I was reading a story book in which was mentioned Gaia, Mother Earth. At the time I never paid it much mind, going to an RC school and going to Church every week. But when I left school that is when I remembered about Gaia.

In ‘87 I had found, in the main Library, various books hidden away in the New Age/Spiritual/Mind, Body, Soul sections. And within these books I found a wealth of information on this religion called Pagan. My thirst for knowledge led me to borrow every book, which I read from cover to cover, and I was left with more questions than answers.

I started to believe in Mother Earth, as described in the story book, and I started to study various Paths, and the mysteries of the Occult and Magick. Occult means Hidden, knowledge which is hidden. I called my self Witch, Occultist and Pagan and from day one I announced to the World what I was. The worst I got was from those whom had brought me up, he even went as far as to call the Church to get me exorcised, but Mum stopped him doing it.

As far as I was concerned, I never hid my Roman Catholic faith, so why should I hide my Pagan Faith. That is why, unlike so many others within the Paths, I never hid what I am. Even today, 2012, there are many who hide their Path from the world.

All Wiccans are Witches, but not all Witches are Wicca. But not all Witches are Pagan, in the broad sense of the term, but what is Pagan? It is a general lump together term that covers all new-age type religions, and those which predate Christianity. Also Hindi, and Shinto could both be loosely classed as Pagan, with the Worship of many Gods, rather than just the one. But I know people who only believe in one Goddess, namely Mother Earth, and no others, and yet these would be classed as Pagan, although technically they are not. So to my mind Pagan is a Bullshit term. Did my Irish ancestors call themselves Pagan? Err, no.

If I was to say to someone “I am Pagan” then the general reply is “really so-an-so is Wiccan” The term is understood. If I was to say to the same person “I am Native Irish” the average reply is either “?” or “Haven’t got much of an accent” or “Bloody Irish, coming over here taking our jobs” depending on who I am talking to. The term is not understood. So yes Pagan works, but if they have knowledge of such things, then I will tell them “Native Irish”.

But does an Iron Age belief system really belong in the 21st century? Take away Bel’s sword and chariot and give him an M16 and a tank and it is the same God updated for the modern age, someone for the modern soldier to believe in, thus it works. What about this modern age? Computers in everything, so maybe a Computer God, or Geek God. But this is wrong, you can not do that!!! Who said I can not.

OK lets look at it realistically shall we. In the Beginning we had cave man becoming aware of his surroundings and himself. A priestly class arises amongst the tribe and the Surroundings is called “The Great Spirit” or “Mother Earth”. Danu is created from the thoughts of man, and with the belief of the entire tribe, Faith grows, and She becomes almost Real. Then the tribe understand the very basic concept of Death, and thus the priests give this a name. Morrigan, the Phantom Queen, and She also becomes almost Real. The concept of War is also discovered, and thus Rulership is also given to Morrigan, because the end result is usually Death for someone. Thus the Sisters of Life and Death guide the tribe via the priests across the Land until they settle in Ireland, about 7000 b.c.

Has the tribe grows and becomes more technically capable Danu creates more Gods for the tribe, via thoughts into the minds of the Priests and leaders. Her Children of Danu. She does this because She is the Creator Goddess. Now we are into the second age of Faith, the Family. And still later new Gods have come into being, the Third Age of Faith, has new concepts like a complex written language is devised. Then comes Christianity for 1500 years,(in Ireland it has only been 1500 years, not 2000). And in that time mankind almost forgot them all and progressed to the advancement of what we are now. Thus starts the New Forth Age of Faith. Upgrade the Old Gods, and maybe Create some new ones. I have. Suz is my new Goddess of Electric Music (Rock Music) and Song writing. Which is why I have Her creation myth written here. I have worked with my Lady, (who is based upon a singer/song writer.) and problems with the music I am writing is cleared due to (I Call it) Devine Intervention. Score written. No Problem. And before you ask, No there has not been any problem with the other Gods being Jealous of Her. That would be a stupid idea.

The main problem with the Native Irish Faith is that there is so little to go on that has not been either corrupted or destroyed by the Christian Faith, but if we have the basics and a basic understanding of how and when, then the rest is personal choice, and becomes my Faith, my Belief, my Path. Think of the Native American Tribes. They never wrote down the Lore of the tribe, it was handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, the same happened with the Druid class, until the wonderful Roman army committed genocide on the Order. Women, Children and Men slaughtered until the uprising. Not all of the Druids were on Anglesey, and those that were left, few in number, had to find a way to preserve the knowledge of the Tribe for the generations yet to be born. Thus Ogma was created who created the Written Language.

There appears to be some confusion as to the festivals. The New Druids today have festivals on the two Solstices and the two Equinoxes. Strange. Because there is really no evidence that our Native Ancestors had festivals at this time. Newgrange is part of this problem, has the doorway and main passage face the direction of the Sunrise at one of the Solstice. While a few of the Tombs are like this, many more are not. Stonehenge is also another one. With all the stones, you can pick a dozen days where the dawn or dusk is tied in with one of the stones. Granted Anie has her Festival on Midsummer, but considering that She is not one that is well remembered by most people these days, I can not see this as a basis for a Festival today. But the Wiccans have these four Festivals, so maybe the lines have become blurred and the Druids, running short on Ideas for the “Structure” of the “Faith” borrowed some of the Ideas from the Wiccans. But the Native Irish Faith is not Structured in that way like the Christian, Muslim, Greek, Egyptian, Wiccan or Roman Faiths. More Shamanistic than structured.

But I am a modern man, not an Iron Age man. I have access to the World from my chair via the Internet. I know what the World looks like, and what is in this World. I am also Logical, almost to a fault. This is why in my Animals I have two which are North American. And Considering that there were no Deer in Ireland until much later when they were re-introduced to Ireland. Irish Elk died out about 9200 years ago. But this could be why there was no major Stag God in Ireland until the Celts turned up in about 900 B.C. with Cernunnos, whom is now used by the Wiccans as the Consort to the Goddess.

Not only do we have the Christian slant on things, but we also have the Celtic Slant. The Irish, and the Welsh, and the Picts are not Celtic, they are Natives, the First People of these Islands. Fact. The Celts settled in Austria and Switzerland areas and spread West to these Islands, arriving here about 900 B.C. I am Not Celtic, Native Welsh or Native Pict, But Native Irish in my Beliefs as far as the Gods and ideals go anyway, it is just that I feel a major affinity with the Cougar and Buffalo.

Faith is not structured, only with the festivals, but the how and what is personal choice. Festivals start midday on the day and finish midday the next. Midnight is the middle of the festival.

The base ideas are Old Shaman, similar to The Shinto Faith in Japan or the Native American Tribes, with Spirits at sacred sites, Wells, Streams, etc. Offerings would have been left at these sites to appease the Spirits, with maybe a small prayer given at the same time. There were, and still are 100’s of these sites around Ireland dedicated to the Great Goddess Brid, otherwise known as St. Bridget when the Christian church inaugurated Her to try and convert the peasants to the Christian Faith. This move worked well for them, and when they no longer needed her, they took away Her Sainthood, but the damage to the old Faith had been done, and by and large Brid was forgotten by most people, but not all.

Stories were told around fires of the old Heroes and Gods, and later were written down, but due to the stranglehold of the New Religion a Christian slant was put over every story. And because of the intolerance to all other Religions the Old Faith was severely and brutally devastated by the Christian Faith, which culminated in the Witch-Hunt and Trials throughout the centuries. The last Witch to be murdered by Hanging by the British State was in 1956.

But yet the Old Faith lived on, word of mouth, kept alive by a few in stories, legends and deeds. The Hedgewitch has been a building block in the resurgence of the Old Faith. But there is a New Religion, Wicca, which has been growing strength every year, very loosely based on the Old Religion, but very highly structured similar to the Christian Religion. With the Worship to the Great Goddess and her Consort, The Horned God, No evil deed can be done, only blessings. Is this the Path of Nature? Or is it the Theoretical Path of the Solar God of the Christian Faith?

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