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Runes are Scandinavian, created by Odin, the All Father, but what of the Tarot? I am not sure, but possibly created from a basic deck by the Romany People. The Ogham created as a written Language of Ireland, so how can this be used as Divination. Might as well use the English or Greek Alphabet. Will it work? Unlikely, so why use Ogham. I have purchased both Runes and a Tarot deck, and used them both. But both, I felt, were limiting to what I needed, plus being made by machine, there is no personal essence in them.

So I created my own set of Sigel Stones. First I wrote down what I wanted, Faith, Honour, Wealth, Illness, etc. and ended up with 30 which I created on Balsa Wood. This worked, but was still limited to my requirements. I then looked at the 30 and expanded the set so now I have a set of 108 cast as opposites on 54 clay stones which I moulded myself, thus my essence. The clay is basic Modelling clay from a craft shop. I then carved onto either side of each stone a sigel corresponding to the words. I just have the words, God/Goddess, Mother/Father, Faith/Spirit, Battle/Peace, Loss/Wealth, Spring/Autumn, Passion/Lust, Master/Servant, etc. the meanings change due to the nature of the Question. And these really work. I also created a 12 position casting mat on cloth, 4 inner and 8 outer sections, and I place 1 stone on each Position, and read what I read, asking AndI and Kaskai for guidance and Danu and Morrigan for Protection. Interestingly, the last casting of stones I did predicted my current situation very accurately. Not really answering my question, but giving me what I needed to know. Proves it works for me, because each stone has my essence in and not manufactured in a factory somewhere.

Upper Fin

1 Goddess God    
2 Lady Lord    
3 Maid Squire    
4 Mother Father    
5 Crone Sage    
6 Moon Sun    
7 Water/West Fire/South    
8 Earth/North Air/East    
9 Spirit Faith    
10 Life Death    


Heart Fin

11 Love Hate    
12 Joy Sorrow    
13 Passion Lust    
14 Trust Betrayal    
15 Wisdom Witless    
16 Grace Brash    
17 Hope Will    
18 Charity Greed    
19 Honour Shame    
20 Luck Fate    


World Fin

21 Settlement Wild    
22 Quiet Noise    
23 Summer/South Winter/North    
24 Spring/East Autumn/West    
25 Day Night    
26 Light Dark    
27 Together Solitude    
28 Sleep Awake    
29 Visions Warning    
30 Wit Sour    


Rule Fin

31 Law Disorder    
32 Wealth 



33 Harvest Barren    
34 Rebirth Growth    
35 Justice Vindictive    
36 Beginning End    
37 Harmony Chaos    
38 Master Servant    


Movement Fin

39 Victory Defeat    
40 Peace Battle    
41 Movement Stillness    
42 Joining Parting    
43 Travel Home    
44 Land Sea    
45 Comfort Discomfort    
46 Wait Impatient    


Lower Fin

47 Happiness Misery    
48 Health Sickness    
49 Change Stagnate    
50 Fit Illness    
51 Courage Coward    
52 Family Lonely    
53 Strength Weakness    
54 Friendship Enemy    



Posted August 14, 2012 by davescallon

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