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So I came across this blog regarding the Dark Queen Morrigan, She of Death and War. It was written by a main Druid of the order of BOD in the US. Basically Morrigan has been calling Priests and Priestess because “A Storm is Coming” The blog is at and was started July 31, 2012.


While usually I would just dismiss this, has I do with so many sites regarding the Queen of the Shee, especially when the person confuses Her with her Sister, Mother Danu, Creator Earth Goddess. But something made me read the entire blog, and upon reflection, I can not just discount it.


I had the major need around the time of this blog to start my own, that was the first thing, another recently was the fact the the Dark Queen has contacted with visions and thoughts my 25 year old daughter Jinkx. Up to this point Jinkx was very happy with only Mother (Gaia) and she felt that she did not need another, but Morrigan decided otherwise. Point 2.


Yes I know, I am aware that in the past when my young Nephew died I asked Morrigan to take my life to save his. She refused and I cursed Her then and there, and I did not talk to Her for years, because I felt that She had let me down. Years later She gave me a vision dream as a warning, and I knew it was from Her, She showed me.


Is there a storm coming? Or are we in the middle of it. But would Morrigan cause a war? No, not her way, not Our way, not at all. But I asked why have you not called me to battle then? but insight has told me She has, they all have. Because I am always one step away from war at the best of times, and since I was 24 I have prayed to the Gods of my Ancestors, and treated them as real. And writing this blog, which is only my aspects of what I believe. the Truth as I see it. But yes while I do not use NBC weapons, I have used the power of the Universe to help or hinder others, I am still at war, always, against those who attack me and mine, or those whom I call friend, or those who can not fight back due to Faith restrictions or health or ability. I have been fighting my whole life, against my 1/2 brothers friends, bullies at school, Christian Fundies in the 80’s and early 90’s and thugs and morons because I was a Rocker and still even now. I use all that I can, sometimes a fist, sometimes a curse.


But going back to my blog about the Mayan New Calender and what I wrote then, makes point 3 methinks. So maybe he is right and my Dark Queen is gathering the faithful, for what purpose, well She has not told me, nor do I expect Her to, but I will know when it happens.

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  1. It’s hard for me to know what to say to this. I haven’t had a warrior-nature guide or guardian in many years. The last was Kali, but I haven’t heard her voice in at least 10 years. Even my guardian ally on journeys is Skunk, who fights with defensive weapons.

    Something is happening, but it’s a loop I’m clearly out of, unless “Settle down, cleave to someone who can watch over you, grow medicines.” is how Kuan Yin chooses to make me ready. And an argument could certainly be made for that, couldn’t it? There’s more than one way to tidy up after a storm, and here I find myself suddenly in a clan of good, strong men to watch over me. She’s always carried me; I can’t do much other than wait, no matter how unsettling the idea is that something’s going down and I’m without clue.

    • You and me both without a clue my friend. Do not get me wrong, I do not want to fight, I hate fighting. While Cougar seems like a big bad Spirit Guide, and She can fight, that is not the point of her, according to the tribes anyway. Kuan Yin, from what I have read on your page is what is really needed now, more than ever, I feel anyway, which is maybe why Airmid has got me growing Herbs.

      I feel that the storm could be the ending of Greed and the need to posses the latest gadget. and according to the Mayans this is the age of enlightenment, but I do not expect the old “Gods” of money and greed to give up without a fight. Not everyone needs to fight, we have army medics, same as you do, as with most armies. But my point is that we all work differently but similar, some have War Gods, others have healers and compassionate Gods, and a few of us have both. What ever the storm shall be, will be, and we need to be ready to help in anyway we can, Help the planet, each other, and those who need our help, this should be our code, and from what I know of you, we are both about that, as are many whom I follow on here.

      GG You are lucky to have the clan around you, Kuan Yin and Spider guided you, Skunk watched over you, you are in a good place. Spider waits and watches, follow her guide, breath easy, do not worry. Sunshine after rain “Dire Straits, Why Worry”.

      • Cougar is so often unseen where she still lives here. Quiet power. Stories surface occasionally about her incursions into the suburbs that are encroaching on her lands, which certainly fits all this. I saw a lot more of her when I was in Texas, but I was living in the middle of true wilderness there — 30 miles from the nearest wide spot in the road (It wasn’t a town by any standard I’ve ever used!), six hours from the nearest thing that can fairly be called a city. I was in her world, beyond any debate.

        One of my favorite DS songs. “Industrial Disease” is pretty germane to all this, too. 🙂 And now I want to drag out Love Over Gold for a good, if short, listen. “Two men say they’re Jesus, one of them must be wrong” never fails to make me laugh.

        And tonight I’m looking at the return of the one person in my life I’d call a pure warrior. How much of a return is up in the air, but holy crap, warriors are stubborn. *laugh* Look to my intuition, I’m constantly being told, but I think it’s broken where he’s concerned. Someone out there is determined he’s part of this clan somehow, that much is clear.

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    Reblogging this because it seems like time for as many people to see and discuss it as possible. surely there are people out there having this experience who don’t realize they aren’t alone.

  3. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up!
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  4. GG You are so lucky to have seen Her in the wild, I would love to see that. About KB, there are warriors and then there are other warriors. Some of us protect by fighting, and some do not. You are lucky that LK cares for you so much from what you have said, but you need to put your foot down during these talks and get KB to sign the papers before anymore talks. That will help you in your own mind. Once the papers are signed his hold on your mind will diminish my friend. Sorry for sticking my beak in to your business.

    • It’s hard to explain about Kiltbomb and me without going into a very long story you surely don’t want to read. 🙂 Suffice it to say we’ve been through some major stuff together, good and bad, and we have a lot more patience and tolerance for each other than either of us would be likely to have for anyone else. Lizardking has more patience for the two of us than we deserve, to be blunt. Anyone else he’d have long since thrown out the door so hard they’d have bounced twice, but he’s the most certain of us that this is a thing that’s supposed to be.

      The papers are filed. LK sent a law clerk friend to make sure of it this time, since KB’s not done it twice now. This time it’s done. It needed doing, but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It’s hard to accept that my sweetie, my buddy, and yes, my warrior probably shouldn’t be my husband too. (And if you’re wondering why I didn’t do it myself, the county we were married in has a residency requirement to file for divorce, believe it or not. I’d long since bailed both times, so it had to be him.) Yes, he has a hold on my mind, but not only that. He’s my heart. And a bare list of poems I’ve written when I was and wasn’t with him is sobering; he fires my creativity in a way no one else has ever been able to touch.

      And no fear. 🙂 If I minded friendly beaks, I wouldn’t put my business out there.

  5. Good to hear about the papers, smart move by LK methinks. It is weird that each State has different laws for different things, I find it hard to get my head around that one lol. So LK knows the value of KB in your life, same as you. What ever happens in your future, I wish you both well my friend.

  6. Different laws in different states is a little weird when I think too hard about it, but I’ve lived with it so long that I don’t think much about it. I did when I lived in Louisiana, because some of their laws remain based in the Napoleonic Code, and are unlike laws anywhere else here, especially where marriage and inheritance are concerned. For the most part, though, I’ve bounced from state to state without really noticing; daily life is rarely affected. I used to have to drive to Wisconsin to buy a sixer on a Sunday because Minnesota has Sunday sales laws in place yet, but Wisconsin was 9 miles away, so I didn’t notice that very much, either.

    I think what broke us before was that none of us could really see three; it was always two-plus-one, in different configurations depending on who was doing the looking. The divorce uproar may actually have helped with that; with my not being married to either of them, they both find it easier to see us in a different way. LK says he wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if KB and I end up married again, but right now I think things are at their best as they are; we can try to make something stronger.

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