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I think go for it. and good luck. And if you have never had a Rune Reading, , well give it at least one go.

Son of Hel

So, this is something i’ve been debating for a while. I know I need to do more to explore my talents and to explore what it means to be Hel’s Cleric (and contractor with Skadi and Freya). I’ve had this blog for over a year, been blogging for several years now. I’ve done professional rune reading before, and while that didn’t go anywhere (partially because my host never advertised me :P), I’d like to get into doing that more.

I posted a status  (I think that’s what they’re called) asking my friends what they though. Didn’t get much response there, but now I’m posting it here. I’ve been impressed with the work other people do, and I’d like to see about doing my magic and holy stuff professionally not just to make a little extra, but to better be able to help people.

So here I am, asking all of…

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GM   5 comments

OK so what are your views on GM/GE.

Would you eat GM crops or GE animals?

Would you have Gene Therapy (not talking about IVF) to change your child?

What about using MtDNA from another woman to correct your own MtDNA?

Would you eat meat or Dairy if you knew that the animal was fed GM feed? I know that some on here are vegan or veggie, but please answer as if you do eat meat/dairy products.


With Thanks


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Reading 9th July 2013   5 comments

Will I succeed in Mother Danu’s Task?

1 Self                               Squire                   Attendant, Student, Learning

2 Direction                  Grace                    Charm, Holiness, Elegance

3 Hope                          Wealth                  Success

4 Fear                           Parting                 Losing, Leaving

5 Past                           Light                     Knowledge, Bright

6 Present                   Death                    Ending

7 Future                    Wit                        Satire, Humour,

8 Help                        Will                        Resolution

9 Hinder                   Noise                    Disquiet, Disruption

10 Influence          Rebirth                Beginnings

11Enviorment      Together             Oneness, Together

12 Outcome          Health                  Healing
OK so let us understand this. Overview, it looks good.

Squire, I am of sorts, while not a Knight, nor a young man, I am still learning my Way, Mother’s Will. And I attend to Her requests. Use Grace in the direction which I am currently going, and I am hoping for success and fearing losing. Fair point really. So far a no brainer, so simple even I can follow.

Knowledge in my past, which I have gained, will lead to an Ending of division. Wit in Future is confusing at this time. I just can not see the relevance in the task at hand. My resolution to get this done will be of help, but once again I can not see the relevance of Noise, unless someone making to much noise will not let me focus on this task, possible.

Home Straight now, Rebirth or new beginnings is the influence that I am tasked with, with the spirit of Togetherness being the Environment needed for the Outcome to Heal.

So accordingly I am suppose to succeed in this task, but what if I fail. Granted it may take a little while before I get the initial sitdown with the people I need, and then the sorting though the bigotry of some of those against others, and some wanting to lead the group while the group has no leader, apart from the Devine. So I will be around for a few years yet, unless things go better than I can dare hope, which They have not so far, infact they have gone nowhere fast, which is what I was expecting really. But keep trying and bugging, maybe they will answer just to get rid of me. Either that or put a contract out on me.


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Algae journey   7 comments

Talking to a hive mind and a massive mind.

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Writing Creatively With Spirit

Hereford Constellation  Part One 30th June 2013

Place – a village hall just outside Hereford

Weather – bright and sunny – and warm

Participants- 5 women 3 men

Facilitator – Shakti


Shakti welcomed us and gave a brief introduction to the process of constellation for the first timer. She explained that it was an honour to be chosen to take part in someone else’s constellation, that it wasn’t essential to particpate but it was advisable because there is much to be gained from simply being involved. The first timer was about to find out how true that is.

She began with a meditation where we had to see our parents in front of us and honour them by bowing to them. We then had to imagine our grandparents and all our ancestors behind us and lean back into them for support.

By way of introduction each participant had…

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Where Spirit Stops

I thought I’d take a moment to remind people that I do free spiritual readings and healing. I have a contact form on my blog, here: http://wherespiritstops.wordpress.com/free-shamanic-readings-2/

I have trouble “promoting” myself, but why should I? It’s a free service that I provide because I have been blessed with the time, energy and inclination to do it. Over the past year I’ve done a lot of readings, and maybe helped some people. I’m calling out now because I want people to know that I’m here, and if they need guidance I might be able to give it.

What do I do, exactly? I have called it shamanism, but shamanism is an umbrella term that I use quite loosely. Perhaps I am a lightworker, or a spiritworker. Some might call me a medium or even a psychic. I’d rather get away from labels altogether.

Basically, I talk to Spirit. I do…

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Such a great site, well worth reading, and unusual way of Healing the Earth.

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