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OK so what are your views on GM/GE.

Would you eat GM crops or GE animals?

Would you have Gene Therapy (not talking about IVF) to change your child?

What about using MtDNA from another woman to correct your own MtDNA?

Would you eat meat or Dairy if you knew that the animal was fed GM feed? I know that some on here are vegan or veggie, but please answer as if you do eat meat/dairy products.


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5 responses to “GM

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  1. OK so I go first.

    Would I eat GM crops or GE animals? Crops yes, but only if I knew that there was not any pesticides which I would ingest. Hell Mother Nature has been doing it since time began. As for Animals? er, no. If an animal evolves naturally, that is fine, but if man has genetically altered it or cloned it or in some way messed around with it, then no.

    Would you have Gene Therapy (not talking about IVF) to change your child? No, not in any way, not to cure generic diseases, eye colour. NO, No, NO. I have generic diseases, so to stop the next generation having them I would not have kids, full stop. I was created this way, ’tis my lot, why would I want to pass it onwards.

    What about using MtDNA from another woman to correct your own MtDNA? Now I am a man, so I will not pass on any MtDNA, but the same principle applies. I would not have kids if I was a woman with faulty MtDNA, and if my Wife had MtDNA which was faulty, then I would still not have kids. The English Government is discussing this as we speak,

    For me this goes against the Divine.

    Would you eat meat or Dairy if you knew that the animal was fed GM feed? Again depends on the pesticides used, but being as by law they do not have to label animal feed as GM, no-body will know, unless you go to the farmers and find out where they get their feed from, etc.

    Oh and there is no right or wrong answers, and if anyone starts a ruck over something which someone answered, I do not care who you are, I will get pissed at you. Be honest and above all polite

    Thank you


  2. I see no one wrote, so I’ll jump in! Blogging goes by too fast sometimes and we don’t catch these fun avenues for discussion until later.

    I feel like genetically modified foods and possibly genetically modified people are taking away from Spirit’s work and we cannot really know the consequences. I’m fairly skeptical of science insofar as it tries to deal with things it can’t see — such as future consequences of something or how the universe began. They say chaos theory makes it impossible to really predict anything with much accuracy and the uncertainty principle makes it impossible to know too much about anything at once. I guess my point is that we only know what we ourselves observe to be true, and then that knowledge is a gut feeling, not a universal certainty. So science can make all sorts of wonderful things like better cars and communication systems, but I don’t think science should do much to our bodies and our food.

    I know that being against modern advances and even modern medicine seems so wrong. But I have spoken in depth with a wondrous refugee from Ethiopia who says no one who eats the natural food gets cancer, and sicknesses can be cured equally well with shamanism as compared to our modern medicine. So I am very skeptical. But that’s just me, and normally I shut up about it — but you asked 😀

    • That is why I did ask lmao, and thank you for your answer. Good points, especially with regards to your friend from Ethiopia, I am waiting to hear back from Cancer Research UK regarding this very thing, but as yet my questions were passed on to a boffin, so just waiting for an answer. One other aside with GM foods, none of the supermarkets sell GM food like maize (corn) in the UK, and most animal feed comes from the UK as well, but I know that about 16% of Spanish maize is GM and at least 85% of US maize is GM.

  3. What I would eat if I had free choice and the rubbish I am forced to eat out of necessity are two entirely different things. In a perfect world I would not eat anything that had been ‘messed with by man’… it only leads to trouble; just look at BSE etc for starters. I would not eat anything that had been modified, sprayed with pesticides… I would not eat chickens that had been fed meat or drink milk from cows who had been injected with hormones and antibiotics or eat fish that swam in mercury polluted waters….
    But in a country where most of us are forced to subside on value baked beans, what veg we can grow in our passing-traffic-polluted window boxes and bleached white bread I think “well, at least I’m alive!” (Maybe not for much longer until all those carcinogens kick in but, for now at least!)
    Grim sardonic smiles, Bia

    • I know that one well Bia, if only we could afford it. Same with clothes, I wish I could afford to not buy sweatshop made clothing, but I shop at Asda and Primark. We live within our means, which means trying to trust in those who’s prime concern is profit.

      Thank you for replying

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