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Ok, so I am a messenger, now I really know. But things have advanced for me over the last few days, in a way I could never see. I once wrote about a council of Faiths, it can be found here. On this I was very wrong, due to the message and Guidance Which Mother Danu gave to me yesterday.

A few days ago I saw a Duck which I had never seen before, and I wondered what it was, I am still not sure but I did ask for Guidance to add more Water/West into my life. Anyhow, I went online to find out about this Duck, (the wonders of the modern age). I found something similar, but it was not my Duck, it was the Ruddy Duck, been in the UK since the ‘40’s. I was on the RSPB website, and found that they are supporting the extermination of all Ruddy Ducks in the UK, because, get this right, The White Headed Duck is /was on the endangered list because of man. Now the 2 Ducks are very alike, and do mate in Spain.

In both Turkey and Pakistan the Duck has been made extinct because of the actions of Man, and in Spain, it was down to a few, but due to conservation numbers have risen to over 1000. So why kill the Ducks in the UK when others are not killing the ducks in Spain. France, Italy etc. What are the chances that any Ruddy Duck from the UK is mating with the Duck from Spain. And so what if they do. A new breed of Duck but with the same genes as the others, no different to my Daughter Jinkx, Part White, Part Caribbean.

So the Government is Killing because it can, again. Anyway, this lead me to another site where was listed a whole host of Culls taking place in the UK, Set up by the Blair Government and carried on my This Government. On the hit list are ALL Raptors, (Eagles, Kites, Buzzard, Kestrel etc), for eating the farmed game birds like Pheasant chicks. So because the Blood Sport Gun Clubs are losing out, let us kill All of these great Birds. Corvine (the Crow Family). Now this really pissed me off, Morrigan, the Dark Queen uses these as Her Messengers and spies. No proper reason was given to this. Grey Seals, of which 90% of the entire population is situated around the UK, reason, they eat fish. Sad but true, and they get caught in nets and then the fishermen can butcher the seal. But the Fishermen and thus the Government want to wipe out the entire population. Weasels and stoats, why because they eat the chicks of the game birds. Foxes for the same reason. Rabbits and Moles, for, get this, this is such a crime, digging holes in gardens and golf courses. Humbugs, we know about, because Farmers can not be bothered to vaccinate their herd. Hedgehogs, for no real reason apart from they do disturb the immaculate lawns of the money folk, who give the Governments “Donations”.

A link to the culls is here and the booklet is here. I am in no way associated in any way with this organisation nor with the RSPB, but I found the information disturbing to say the least.

Not if you think, not on my land you will not, think again. The Current Government is introducing new laws to allow their Jackbooted Hit Men to storm into your house and onto your land to murder any animal they deem fit. They are going to pass this law, so even if you have ½ acre or 50 acre of land, the hitmen will be allowed to murder on your land what they want. Truly we are a nation of Animal Lovers.

Anyway, I asked for guidance on what to do about this, and after coming back from Jinkx’s home yesterday after seeing her and giving her some Healing because of a really bad cold, almost Flu. Danu spoke to me. I know it was Her, I have felt Her before, Warm, soft, Comforting, Genteel and Loving, everything that I always thought a Mother should be. She spoke to me, but not in the Same way that my Dark Queen talks to me, no questions and Fact. It was just there, streaming into my mind. The Work that She needs me to do now, to change the World. What this is I will not say at this time, all I will say about it is that the Winds are picking up, and all of the Worlds faiths will be involved and in a really good way. One Voice.

The international Community is already talking about setting up a Council of Faiths within the UN, so once again I am playing catch up. Promoting Women’s Rights, Tolerance towards ALL Faiths, and the Mutual Respect to the Divine. Bring it on, I say. This will only make the World a much better place.

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  1. I don’t know you, but I know have been experiencing and advancement and healing far beyond what I could have imagined. This is truly a magical time, and I will pray for your efforts as well. Let the whole world be healed.

    • With Thanks Jove, and it is a very Magical time indeed, The Great Spirit is on the move, Some of the Gods, namily the Dark Queen Morrigan has been busy calling people, there is a storm coming and your Advancement, I feel is the upgrade the Gods have given you, me and anyone else with an open mind to better understand Them, do their Work and bring Peace and Healing to the World, and not just for us Humans.

      Thank you again Jove

  2. Careful not to make the human races/animal species mistake. They are not analogous.

    I don’t support culls under any circumstances (short possibly of incurable contagious disease), but interbreeding of native and invasive species is a big deal, and has a major impact on extinctions. Each time an endangered species mates with an invasive (or any other species) it takes not only that animal, but all its future descendants, out of the gene pool of the endangered species. That gets serious in a hurry, because that animal will always have mixed-species descendants; they won’t birth offspring of either species again.

    Say each duck has a brood of 7. That means after three breeding seasons, one cross-species mating removes 400 of that endangered species from the gene pool. For a population of 1000, that’s serious to the point of meaning the end of the species, because it doesn’t account for failed broods or deaths of breeding-age adults by whatever means. So it does matter.

    Culling is no answer, especially of native species. Bad things always follow that, usually epidemic illness and mass die-offs of their food species due to overpopulation. Surely if they can kill them, they can catch and release elsewhere. Hey, they could send them across; the Ruddy Duck is native and in decline here.

    OK, bird sex lecture over (I am a big lover of birds, and cross-species breeding extinction is a growing problem here, so that one’s close to my heart). Crap, I’m gonna be the hippie sex chick now, huh? 🙂

    I knew there was something waiting for you, and I didn’t think you’d have to wait long to hear, either. Things are stirring.

    Gypsy Lizardkilt
    • I thought of you as nothing less than a Hippy Sex Chick 😉 lmao.

      OK I understand about interbreeding now better than I did before, but why kill off the UK population, using shotguns, by all accounts and no other bugger in Europe does the same. I would have less of of problem with it had ALL of Europe started this, but I can not find anything about the rest of Europe doing anything about it, maybe I am missing something important here, but I did do a search. So Killing of the Ducks here will have little or no effect to the Ducks in Spain, am I right or wrong in this?

      The catch problem was highlighted with the Badgers here GL, they can not be assed to try, costs more money, (according to the government anyway). much easier to shoot and not think about it at all. But with the Ruddy, it is where Mallard nest and breed, so using a shotgun to shoot a small duck in a flock of other ducks is the right course to do, because this has been going on since 2003, And I have only just found out about it, I know for a fact that the shooters after the Humbugs are to be given one or two days training before being sent off to murder, Fildas send your vengeance after them all. and the Ruddy Duck numbers have been severally cut after 10 years of slaughter. But the White head Duck was only brought to near extinction because of Man.

  3. I don’t think culls are ever a decent solution (or almost never), but I suspect the idea is that cutting numbers will help, even if not everywhere does it. Ducks are very long-distance migrators and could potentially mix over that distance, but I really doubt this will change much, especially if populations are large elsewhere. It’s a bad solution to the problem, but the problem shouldn’t be ignored, either, no matter what caused it. Humans causing it doesn’t mean we should just ignore it until they’re all gone, does it?

    This happens here, too, but happily far less often and under more controlled conditions. There’s a bird here called the Kirtland’s Warbler that nests only in very tiny parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ontario; it is beyond rare and endangered, and there have been extinction scares for it a few times. This is not the fault of humans; they appear to never have been very common because of the small and very specialized nesting habitat. In fact, people have made an effort to increase the range of that habitat in order to give them room to expand.

    Enter the Brown-headed Cowbird. Cowbirds are nest parasites, and they pick on warblers with special intensity because they like the same habitat. They’re such a problem that the U.S. laws against intentionally killing any native songbird have been waived in the warblers’ Michigan habitat (for the Fish and Wildlife Service). About 4,000 cowbirds a year are live-trapped and killed there; other species caught in the traps are released. I cringe at so much death, but it’s working. The warblers are steadily increasing in number (and the cowbirds aren’t being hurt from a population standpoint; they’re a widespread and very populous bird). Even the Audubon Society supports this; it’s literally a matter of every living Kirtland’s Warbler or a small percentage of Brown-headed Cowbirds.

    No easy answers. If this is one of the things we end up being able to help with, that would make me very happy.

    Maybe I should just change my name to Gypsy the Hippie Sex Chick. It’s more fun than just Gypsy. 🙂

    • I have never thought of culls as good for anything, and if the Ducks are flying over from the UK to Spain, and breeding with the local, then yes I can see a problem, but it will only make a little difference unless every European country in range does the same thing. Am I being too logical here. The numbers of the White have increased due to man doing something about the habitat in Spain, and if Turkey and Pakistan shifted their brains from natural into gear, then the White could be re-introduced back into both countries and then their numbers will really increase. Man does really need to take an active part, a massive active part, and I am talking Globally not just a few of us, to make things better. That was the main part of the message from Danu to me. But not going political.

      The Cowbird does sound like a problem for the Warbler, and getting rid of it in those three Stares is the right thing to do, because they have huge numbers elsewhere, this will not cause a problem, rather than the Warbler going the way of the Dodo.

  4. They aren’t even getting rid of the miserable things in those areas; there are probably half a million cowbirds in Michigan alone at any given time. We’re talking 56 million worldwide by some estimates, almost entirely found here, though you’ve got the little bastards there too, not nearly in such large numbers. And a female will lay an average 40 eggs a summer, usually 1 or 2 to a nest. Nope, that is not a typo. 40. All of which makes them the only birds I throw rocks at (and I’m a softheart, so only when they start getting interested in a nest in my presence).

    I suspect the idea with the ducks is that any reduction is a good thing. That’s not right in half a dozen ways, but I imagine there wasn’t much consultation with people who could tell them that. Holy hell, culling really seems to mean two different things here and there; the cowbird kill is what we’d call a cull (or a controlled kill).

  5. When the UK culls something these days, they aim for 1000% kills, nothing gets out alive, and if another creature gets in the way, oh well, too bad. Most of the Culls are at the behest of land owners (like golf courses) or farmers/fishermen, you know, those who ARE suppose to work with NATURE for the benefit of all.Profit There is no cull that is going on that needs to happen and will make a difference if they are left alone, apart from profit.

    Now with the cowbirds, taking them out in those three states will make a difference to another animal, wiping out the grey seals around the UK or the Badgers will not do anything apart from losing those animals. That is the difference between your culls and ours, yours do not do enough and ours wipe out the entire species, or subspecies. But as I said they want all raptors gone, all of the crow family gone, all of the badgers and grey seal gone. Nothing apart from cash crop animals, ( for shooting parties et al.). They know what they are doing, because they doctor the evidence to suit their need, arranging the science to make it look like a good thing. And usually have a news blackout about the culls apart from once on the day, and nothing else afterwards. That is how we do it.

    I can understand culling the Mink. It was brought over as a cash crop for the fur trade. Animal lib let some lose and they impacted the Otters, now fur is off the menu the farms let them all lose, thus the Otters are now up shit creek. I love otters, saw them on a school trip to an otter sanctuary. Animal lib groups let various animals lose into the wild because they think they are doing right, But do they worry and do something about it when a native species is hit hard by their actions, or do they just look for the next lab and blame others for the devastation caused by their actions. I agree with the idea, but there are other ways to release the animals which will not impact the locals.

  6. Christ, that isn’t a cull by any definition of the word. It’s an extermination. Never mind ornithologists and mathematicians; someone needs to call in Noah Webster. I’d probably even settle for Daniel Webster at this point.

    Liberationists who do things like that don’t care about the animals, period, no matter what they say. They may be throwing animals who’ve never seen the outdoors into it unprepared (“But they have iiiiiiinstincts!” Morons.). They’re definitely impacting local populations. But that doesn’t matter! Showing “The Man” does! Fight the power! I just wish they’d stop acting like they’re on my side, you know?

    • That is why I am so very pissed. Scotland and Wales banned the cull of Badgers, England first lost the vote, so had another one, and won. So in the two areas they are using as trials they will wipeout all Badgers, and if it works then do the same for the rest of England. One Question, who are the Websters?

      I know what you mean about them, which is why I am very, very selective about who I associate with, who I will support and help if I can. I really am bored of people “Showing the Man” or Fighting the Power” because it just causes grief for someone else, even an animal, someone will suffer. I have tried to explain to others about the right way of doing things if you want to make a difference, But you will be surprised how many of these Morons do not even vote, and yet whine about the election results. “But I am a Political Agitator” No, you are a nob. There is no way of effecting Political change unless you have the entire country behind you, otherwise though Political change. Logical to me anyway. Start your own party, become local Councillor, work your way up to MP, final stop, leader of the Party. Else get 2/3 of all MP’s on your side.

  7. Noah Webster was responsible for Webster’s dictionary. Daniel Webster was a politician (and rather an asshole, probably not surprising, considering).

    I consider voting my license to bitch, and anyone who doesn’t vote doesn’t have a license. I am almost entirely apolitical in practice, but I do vote. It may only be the least of evils, but I’d rather have voted for it than not.

  8. Same here, we have that right, one of the few we are allowed, so I am going to bloody use it to shout my displeasure at those who are fucking up this country.

  9. I thought it was time to do a little reading on this.

    The core of the problem, at least to my eyes, is that you can’t sell cattle that test positive for Tb. This is a good thing. There is a bovine vaccine for Tb, but no farmer with two brain cells to rub together would use it — because it causes cattle to test positive for Tb. This is a bad thing.

    If I had the opportunity to make a rational recommendation to people in power, it would be this: Take that badger-killing money and offer it as a grant or a subsidy — hell, as a contest prize if that works — to the lab that comes up with a vaccine that doesn’t cause cattle to test positive. Badgers stay alive, you encourage research, some lab is going to make a mint from a vaccine farmers will actually buy, Tb becomes much less of a threat, and if it crops up again in 20 years you have a vaccine to stop the spread. Who loses?

    Alternately, if the test is for antibodies, which they often are, offer the money to someone who comes up with a better test.

    • But France managed to eradicate the Tb without wiping out anything, if a herd has no Tb then the next gen will also not have, and then these you sell. And after the BSe outbreak nobody in Europe wants to buy British Beef anyway, according to Farmers anyway, Same with the Tb. There are a few farmers who do not look after the herd, but quite a few do, but as you know, all only takes one cow to cause an outbreak, let alone a herd.

      That rational recommendation has been put forward before, but was sneered at by the then Labour Government. Only when they can not wipeout anything else will they look at improving the test, but only as a last ditch effort.

  10. As Tb isn’t a genetically-carried disease, breeding clean isn’t the issue. Contagion is. Without a functioning vaccine, as you said, it takes one infected animal to start an outbreak. In fact, the reading I did says officials think that’s exactly what happened there: An infected animal got through the checks.

    France may be clean right now, but all that has to happen to change that there as well is one infected animal getting through. Vaccine does not confer genetically-inherited immunity; their clean-bred cattle are as vulnerable as any others. I also wonder who ate the cost of that generation of cattle that couldn’t be sold (or if they just shipped them off to someplace with different regulations regarding test results vs. proven immunization).

    If at first you don’t succeed….If a sitting government craps on a good idea, wait until they’re gone. Look at the history of MLK Day here; the campaign to have a holiday started in 1968 and didn’t succeed until 1983.

    Sometimes the U.S. Senate can be…an interesting place:

    [Renowned asshole Senator Jesse] Helms led a filibuster against the bill and on October 3, 1983, submitted a 300-page document to the Senate alleging that King had associations with communists. New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan declared the document a “packet of filth”, threw it on the Senate floor and stomped on it.

    • Funny how things work out, I just came across this on Yahoo news :- So infected cows are being sold, and yes bTb is different from the human equivalent, but reports on the news earlier this year said that Tb in Humans is on the rise. Now I am not suggesting anything here, but there is no such thing as coincidence in my world. I always wondered what happened to the cows, no doubt the same happened to the cows when we had Bse.

      Short of getting rid of 90% of all MP’s and starting again, that I can not see working. Most of them have the same mindset. “I am in power, I know what is best for you”. And forgetting that we elected them into that position in the first place. Until a sizable proportion of the electorate stands up and shouts with one voice, but that will not happen. Way to many people worried more about who is wearing what, which footballer (soccer), is doing what to how et. al.

      • I already don’t love Defra; they’re the ones who are going to make us jump through hoops and spend a couple thousand dollars above transport costs to bring our pets in, all to prove they had a 30-buck rabies shot.

        So the way I’m understanding it is this: It’s illegal for farmers to sell Tb-tainted cattle (even if tainted by the Tb vaccine), and the cattle must be killed. The government partially compensates the farmers for their loss and hauls the carcasses away. They then sell the diseased carcasses for food. And this is legal.

        You know, I think now, so near July 4, I needed a reminder that as fucked as this country is, there are things to be said for it. One of them is that I can walk into a store, buy a pound of hamburger, and not wonder if the government intentionally sold disease-riddled meat to me. We’re going to be growing and buying local there; the hippie sex chick is going to insist. Weeping, creeping crap. At least Kiltbomb says that will be fairly easy to do where we’ll be.

        Oh, and on the subject of hippies, I’ll be screening the locals pretty carefully, too, it appears. That organic farmer they quote at the end is an absolute, complete, unmitigated, beyond-a-doubt fucking moron. I’ll bet he holds monthly meetings with the “vaccines gave my baby autism” crowd.

        I’m still sorting out exactly how government is structured there; hell, I thought ours was confusing. But built into ours is the ability to relatively easily dump the garbage at just about any level of government. The catch, of course, is that it’s a reverse-GIGO problem; doesn’t do much good to take out the trash if you just turn around and elect more in.

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