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I know a couple of you might like this.

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9 responses to “Trailer for Woman Shaman: The Ancients

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  1. A couple of me do. 🙂

    This puts me in mind of Barbara Tedlock’s The Woman in the Shaman’s Body. She presents enormous amounts of evidence of female shamans in nearly every culture in which shamanism existed/exists, and in the process puts huge holes in Eliade’s reputation as the go-to scholar on shamanism. In short, she charges that Eliade believed going in that shamanism was a boys’ club, so where he found evidence in the literature he surveyed that there were female shamans, he left it out of his survey or altered it. Thus a husband and wife shamanic team in one article became a male shaman and his wife who was his “assistant” in Eliade’s book.

    Someone standing up to the repeatedly-quoted assertion that shamanism is some kind of spiritual sausage party was life-changing for me. Saint Eliade said I don’t exist. Turns out he lied.

    Gypsy Lizardkilt
  2. ;Tis only a sexist moron or, just a moron who would only think that Shaman/Medicine Men and Witch Doctors are just men, and while I have not read Eliade, I thank the Gods for that small mercy. I know a few lasses on here who are on this Path, and others who could well be. In Ireland, fighting was taught by Women, and Druids were both sexes. It is the Christian Bias against Women in general which has slanted this and other views on what women can and should do, which for me is more than Man can do. Because you can bring new life into this world, we can not.

    • The whole “women as givers of life” has always been kind of a sore spot with me. Pregnancy and childbirth is a bodily function — and one that an 11 year old too profoundly mentally retarded to be potty trained can accomplish. Being a parent rather than just becoming one impresses me a lot more. 🙂

      I had my doubts about Eliade when I finally picked up the book and realized I was reading a survey of literature (now too badly outdated to be of more than historical value) by someone who had never met a shaman. His definition of shamanism (minus the assumptions about who practiced it) is enormously important, but his scholarship was pretty terrible.

      Gypsy Lizardkilt
  3. Buggercrashedagain did it twice, now I have to retype what I can not remember. Swine.

    GL I am sorry if I upset or offended you and it is a very valid point you have given, and I do agree with you one hundred percent, but I will try to explain what I meant my friend.

    Mother put me in care when I was two, and took me out when I was about 5 to dump me at his Mother’s House. He on the other hand left her when I was two to be with another woman he was having an affair with but by the time I was 5 he had settled with Mum. Mum, while not giving birth to me gave me life to live. She worked 3 or 4 jobs, fed and clothed us three, Elder “Brother”, younger “Sister”, taught me to cook, sew, iron, stitch, repair clothes. She also taught me Manners and Morels, and Correctness, or How to live Life. She Gave me Life. He on the other hand had one job, slagged around, bullied, beat and tormented me. He also taught me to be less than nothing, because from the age of 7, That is what I was to him.

    While ’tis true children from the age of 11 can give birth, can they give life to their children, or will their children waste their lives being less than nothing though choice. The Irish revered Women and equal, nay, better than men, equal status, but with the ability to teach their child how to live life while the man is off doing “Man” things. Maybe I am biased, but that is my reasoning.

    • Nah, you didn’t upset or offend me; I rarely get that way when I know intentions are of the best. 🙂 Actually, it sounds like we’re in agreement on the point about the importance of bringing up kids vs. just making them. Hell, they can do the mixing in a test tube. (As I go off to Google Louise Brown now, because I’ve gone and made myself curious what’s happened to her.)

      Aaaand come back from laughing so hard I brought the guys into the room. Kiltbomb’s still sitting on the bed occasionally boiling over with snorts.

      when asked for his reaction to Brown’s birth, the patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Albino Luciani (later Pope John Paul I), expressed concerns about the possibility that artificial insemination could lead to women being used as “baby factories”

      What a truly marvelous thing for the world leader of considering women to be life support for wombs to worry about. I think that just made my day.

      Gypsy Lizardkilt
      • Some of them are just baby factories, I know a few like that.

        Really John Paul 1 and all those who follow should be happy about it, it is not contraception, And it is doing Gods work with the help of Science, so all for the good methinks, but that is all that Women are for most of the main Faiths, second class people. Can you think of any religion or culture that puts Women equal or above men?

  4. Nominally, Quakers do. But society does in what those very few religions might do differently.

    I am the poet of the woman the same as the man,
    And I say it is as great to be a woman as to be a man

    I am…a Whitmanist. 🙂

    (Actually, he’s one of my favorite poets, and there’s a lot about him that I identify with very strongly. Maybe it’s time to start a new religion. He makes a much more appealing picture to hang in the living room than Flying Spaghetti Monster does. *grin* I kept this one at my desk all through grad school:)

    Gypsy Lizardkilt
    • Well, very well done to the Quakers, not that I know much about them, (apart from they make Porridge ;))

      I will be honest with you, I know little of Poetry, but he looks cool, but you could add his works into your Path, just use a couple of his Poems, or bits of into your Prayer working, that will work.

  5. His work has been part of my path for a long time — before I really knew I had a path, in fact. My first time reading him was like a 200-page case of exploding brain, one long YES. I touched on that in an entry earlier today, in fact; he’s one of the things I need to revisit as I try to sort out what to bring into my future with me.

    Gypsy Lizardkilt

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