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this was brought about after a 9 year old hung himself in the family home. A letter was sent to Mr. Cameron and co. asking to change the law. Once again he is doing what he does best, passing it on to social services, schools and ofsted. While still NOT making it Illegal to Bully. Nice job Cameron, again.

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  1. I think that laws can be effective deterrents as a last resort or as an intermediate measure. But truthfully, the principle cause of these problems is one caused by the culture itself, and for this there is no simple fix. Can you blame a bully for being this when the culture itself encourages this belief system? It is not a surprising result.

  2. Robert I do agree with you, England almost does encourage this behavior, has done for years, and kids have died because of it, these kids were sadly the last straw, which should have been dealt with a long time ago. I have dealt with bullies when I come across them, but I am only one man. I have seen others join in or walk the other way, bigger men than me. Sad but true, and 5 years down the line another poor kid can not deal with it anymore. But it is not just kids. A Mother and her disabled son jumped off the Humber Bridge a few years ago, and yet it is still happening.

    They tried with me twice since we have been in this house, I charged once and the second I walked up to the gate and stared them down, hands in pockets, shirt and jeans and slippers. If people would only stand up to them it would go a long way to stop it, full stop.

    • David,

      The government and corporations, exemplify bullying. The media, and the culture encourage it. People are entertained by the use of force over principles. It’s everywhere, all we can do is understand it, recognize it, and avoid it as much as possible.
      The US and British, governments are the two greatest bullies the world has ever seen. it’s hard for the population not to be reflections of this on a smaller scale.
      Keep your courage!

    • David,
      I am beginning to believe that the unregulated capitalist system itself is thuggery. The governments also display this culture in their foreign relations, how they deal with their opponents, and indeed how they view their citizens. The problem is deeply entrenched, and it is learned for much of it.
      Have you heard of epigenetics? Enviromental factors and mind control much of genetic expression.

      • It has been for years, but some sections of the Left are just as bad, I have seen it, members of the Socialist Workers turning a rally into a full scale riot, and the police responding in a like manner.

        Epigenetics, had to look it up, interesting stuff from what I read. But I said last year and many before that Capitalism is dying, and a new order will take it’s place, but it will not go quietly into the night, it will fight to survive. The current system of Governments in the West rely to heavily on it for it to go quietly.

      • True enough.
        The most brutal war the US was ever involved in was the civil war, a war of ethics vs economics!

  3. True about our Collective Governments, and thus true about the general population. Methinks that the gene pool needs cleaning a little.

    • Lol, I think it’s belief systems that are really doing it to us. Ideas have consequences, and they infect all the gene types.

  4. True Robert, but here in the UK we have a nasty sub-group, and it is this sub-group that, around here anyway causes about 90% of the trouble. I have seen them at 08.30 while I was going to work, walking around with cans in their hands, pissed at that time in the morning, yet they refuse help, or advice. Almost anytime I go out I see at least 1, but usually they travel in groups. That is the gene pool I was talking about. The supermarkets and off licences are not helping matters with cheap beer.

    I do not really think that they are of any “belief” type anymore, not really. I know Christians who are straight up people, and Pagans who think they are better than me, and visa versa.

  5. What this makes me wonder about is enforcement. We’re talking about young children here. What’s the punishment for a 10 year old child found guilty of bullying? Fine him his allowance? Kick him out of school and send him to juvie (sure, that’ll help….)? Fine or jail his parents? And how do you find the kid guilty to start with, if he can’t legally stand trial? Something needs to be done, but I don’t know that a law is the answer in this case, unless it focuses on adults who stood by and did nothing.

  6. Fair point GG, but for the most part, I feel, they copy from others who are older, because it is “Cool”, like smoking and drinking. Yes we do have a problem, a big problem of 13 year olds and younger being drink and drug addicts, sad fact about this shit state. But to deal with the 10 yo, deal with the 17 yo first, then the 13 yo. The 10 yo will get the message. Several times I have sent ideas to MP’s and PM’s suggesting a “Boot Camp”, run by the Military, for 13 – 21 yo who break the law. Full education, no going home a 15.30 hrs, lights out at 22.00 hrs, fun if they behave, learn a skill, so when they leave they are of some use to society at large. Only now are people in power talking a variation, but with soft kid gloves instead.

    • I absolutely agree that the adults/older kids teach the kids this crap, but something still needs to be done on an immediate basis. By the time the 10 year old gets the message, how many more has he bullied?

      We have a boot camp system here, and it’s definitely better than juvie or sending a kid to an adult prison. But it still comes down to supervision, or what’s to stop bullying in the boot camps?

      I think the first step has to be a kind of good samaritan law dealing with intervening in bullying. Lay down exactly what can and can’t — and should and shouldn’t — be done by those in authority over a bully. Lay out responsibilities and the shelter of a law, so those who do intervene aren’t punished for it, and those who don’t can be held accountable.

      My friend the Judo sensei I mentioned a while back lost a teaching job over that. He stepped in to break up a fight, and the kid who was doing the bullying turned on him. My friend simply sidestepped and let the kid hit a wall instead of him. He never laid a hand on the kid, and he lost his job. He had no protection, no law he could turn to and say he’d done what he was supposed to. I think that has to be corrected first, or nothing will ever be accomplished.

  7. It is a tough problem but with the nanny state protecting the bullies, apart from stepping in, I just do not know what to do.

    I once stepped in to save a couple of little ones from being bullied, ended up kicked out of the family home within a week because I bullied and threatened the bullies with a knife. No one asked my side of the story, even the kids who I helped out said I was threatening them. No doubt the bullies forced them to tell their story. But I am Pagan and a Rocker, I am the anti-Christ according to He who’s house it was. Was funny, a few months later the kids I tried to help were beaten up, and when I was told I laughed at the parents, told them my side, and then told them to fuck off when they tried to say sorry.

    But I still step in when I can, stubborn old goat that I am.

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