Pagans and Vegans in U.K. Gain Workplace Rights   6 comments

I remember the case, but missed the judgement. A cool site well worth checking out, even if you are not a headbanger.

Metal Gaia


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Workplace rights mean being able to practice your religion at work.

Examples: A christian wearing a cross and taking off for religious holidays.

A Sikh being allowed to wear a turban, grow a beard and have long hair.

A Muslim having time to pray 5 times a day.

Pagans should also be allowed to wear religious insignia and take off for holy days.

Such rights are starting to take off in the U.K.

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Posted April 10, 2013 by davescallon in Uncategorized

6 responses to “Pagans and Vegans in U.K. Gain Workplace Rights

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  1. I’ve tried three times to tackle this without it turning into a lecture on free speech vs. workplace-discrimination laws in the U.S. and failed. Short version: This law would be a disaster here because of the unintended advantages people would be able to take of it.

  2. Do not get me wrong, I am glad it has happened here, But I really do agree with you on this, some will take the michael (piss) and even go as far as adding feasts just to get another few days off. People are people after all and most I would not give blog room, let alone house room. Myself, only 1 festival, over 2 days, and that is Imboc, The rest I do not need to take days off for, Even a better deal than most Christians 🙂

  3. I’ve been imagining even weirder things. Here’s something I can 100% guarantee would happen here, and probably sooner rather than later:

    Someone from a faith that includes proselytizing as a major tenet (Jehovah’s Witnesses come right to mind) marches into work and starts preaching at everyone they can get their hands on. Since it actually is part of their faith to attempt to convert others, would telling them to stop bothering their co-workers suddenly be illegal?

    Another thought: Does this law trump occupational safety laws? Where my father worked, no one was allowed long hair or jewelry of any kind (even wedding rings) for any reason. He worked with huge and dangerous industrial fabrication machines; jewelry or long hair could very literally cause your death. Could someone sue over not being able to wear religious symbols under those conditions?

    Yes, I think of things like this, mostly because in this neck of the woods, someone looking for a fast buck would be happy to sue over things like that.

  4. Gods but that is a scary bad thought, not being able to shut up a joho. But then you could double wammy them and say it is part of your Path to smack them in the mouth if they carry on.

    Yes Health and safety rules could go out the window, but if they then lose an arm, they have no recourse to sue the company, because their faith over-ruled the procedures put in place to keep them safe. The Courts would Rule in favour of the Company. H&S which is in place was ignored.

  5. Free speech and workplace rights often tangle here. Very often. But I’d rather have the tangles than not have the laws, no doubt about that.

  6. You are right there my friend.

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