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3 November 2011


Basic Magical Control

The following 6 exercises are the basic practices to enable the Magician to work with their Will in casting Sorceries. Mastering these techniques is fundamental in all Magic practice. Having a Magic Diary/book will enable you to see how far you are progressing, how your abilities are growing. Write down every time you practice, duration, success, internal influences, external influences, and anything else you feel is relevant. As you progress you will work out what is important and what is not.

Pick a time of day when there is a good chance of not being disturbed, but if anyone else is in the home then just advise them of what you are doing. Try and have a set time to do this. Due to the human mind having a natural physic block, to stop the unconscious dream mind from interrupting the normal waking state, these exercises are not normal behaviour for us, and thus a serious determination will be needed to achieve the desired results, but the rewards will be great in the Works of Magic.

1-3 are the very basics which are needed to be mastered before you can progress onto 4-6. 4-6 are the techniques that you will be using when casting spells and Works of Magic.

Stillness Of Body

Get comfortable, either laying or sitting, and then stay in that position for as long as you can, not moving your eyes, fingers, tongue, nothing at all. If you find that your mind starts to wander and starts to think about things, stop thinking. You need to aim for 20 minutes, and once you have achieved this, continue for another week, trying to extend the time, and write down everything.

Breath Control

Once you have achieved Stillness it is time to focus on your breathing. While being still try to make your breathing as deep and slow as you can, without putting any undue strain on your lungs. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Get your mind to think about nothing but the breathing cycle. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Deep and slow. Aim for 30 minutes with your mind focusing on the cycle, being as still as you can while breathing. Once you have achieved this, continue for a further week, and try to extend the time.

Thought Control

While using the techniques of Stillness and Breathing, aim to silence the mind completely from all and any thoughts. But this will prove to be difficult to start with because the human mind is a maelstrom of chaos with thoughts and ideas constantly on the move, and even a few seconds with a quiet mind can be looked on as a success. Aim to withdraw the mind from all and any thoughts which arise and try to lengthen the period of time of total silence of mind. When using Magic, total control over your thoughts is necessary to focus the Will to achieve the results you need, otherwise the Will may be corrupted and thus the results will not be as required.

Object Focus

Using meaningless things, a mark on the wall, a star, hold it with a fixed dead stare. Do not let the eyes distort the image, nor let the mind wander. Focus entirely on the object, as if nothing else was even in the world. The object is your world, nothing else matters. Aim for at the minimum 30 minutes at the start, but if you can keep it up for hours then so much the better.

This Dead Stare gave rise to the idea of the “Evil Eye” and with practice, if targeting a Being, the Being will feel the stare, and may feel uncomfortable and nervous. If such a connection exists then Kai or maybe even thoughts can then be transferred this way.

Sound Focus

Any simple sound can be used to control that part of the brain which controls speech, and this is very useful for certain types of spell casting and Words of Power. “Um”, “Om”, “Ah”, “Hum” are all sounds with no intrinsic spiritual, egotistical, or emotional value. Thus the mind will be able to just concentrate on the sound, without digressing. Say the sound in your mind, repeat it over and again. The sound is your world, nothing else matters, just keep repeating it over and again. If you find that the sound even repeats itself during sleep, this is a good sign.

Image Focus

Imagine a simple shape, circle, cross, square, triangle. And with your eyes closed focus on the object, with out any distortion to its shape. When you have mastered the image, switch focus to another basic shape, and focus on that image until you have mastered that. When you can clean and clear switch images after holding for a length of time, try to do the same with your eyes open, projecting the image onto a blank wall, and hold a single image still and with no distortions. Then switch images to another basic shape and hold that image the same as the first. Projecting an image strong enough for others to see will take an immense amount of Will and concentration on your part.

Have I achieved the abstains of lust? Just conjuring it only for it’s purpose, as exercise? Liberating myself from it’s mental slavery and thus freeing my mind from it’s bonds. Not that I did much in the way of Lust in the first place, to be fair, Not for sex or anyone, nor for a result. No Lust at all. Consequently I am also doing the same with Anger and Desire. Over the last year I have been able to distance myself from the Anger which has had a hold over me for 30 years. And with Desire, my first step has been with regards to my Angel. No thoughts, feelings, wants, or anything at all. Any even fleeting thoughts are replaced with mundane thoughts of no consequence, Crack in the wall, will it rain?

These feelings and emotions only seek to limit my Magical Working, shrouding everything with the fear of failure, and need to be successful. And distracting my mind while I am working. “Thus does my Kai manifest”. I do because I Will, I do not because I Will. I do not wish, for wishing is Desire. I Will, therefore it is.


Some will say, and have said, that there is enough evil in the World that you should only do good. And this is true, for the most part, for as a wise man once said “An eye for an eye will blind the entire world” But this work is about Balance and not to add it would not be Balance. There are times in ones life when a wrong has been done to you, and there is no Justice, because either Justice is Blind, or it is not a Criminal act, or No remorse has been shown by the attacker. And in 2 years they are free while you still suffer. In these cases Nature may well Balance out the wrong done to you. Justice may be Blind, but She is not Deaf.

There is a misconception that you need a Skyre Mirror or else be in close proximity to curse (Hex) an enemy. Not true. I know this from experience. And I know the Results. If the Will is strong enough then the attack can happen, yes, it is an attack, and the end result could be Murder, of which you will be charged if convicted.

The same energy used for healing is used for Hexing. It is the Will of the user which determines the result. I have sent Healing maybe 4 dozen times, every time unrequested by those who were not well or their Family.

As I said Will is the key, as with all Magic, but Anger is also useful, as is it’s opposite, Rapture. Using the Loss of Rapture, let the Anger manifest and Grow within your mind, focus on the power of the feeling and then focus on the target, sending the Energy to that target with the command “Justice”. There is no fear of failure, because if it is Justified then the target will get their just desserts from Nature, and if nothing happens then it was not justified for you to act, and may be you were not thinking clearly when you perceived whatever Wrong that was done to you. Just never do it without the command Justice. Nature, as well as Kai, your Spirit, Soul etc will remember, even if you forget, and things will Balance out. Nature in Balance. Nature is Balance. An undeserved attack is a hostile act, same as assault or GBH, and you will get the justice back. Nature knows how, even if you do not. An unjustified attack may well lead to a reciprocated attack back from the target or friends, and then it will get out of hand and may well lead to Death of one or all parties involved. Kai is always watching, Nature is always aware.


The Opposite of the Hex, this is a powerful tool within the Magical Arsenal. It will take a lot more energy to do this, a Stronger Will, but the results can be spectacular. I remember once a long time ago, a Friend of mine called me up, and while chatting she told me her little boy was very sick, vomiting, fever, the works. The child was about 3 or 4 years old, and I had only met him a few times. She did not ask for any help, but I offered to say a prayer for him, she said thanks and hung up. Later that night I lay on my bed, light off and thought about my friend. I was into the Classical Gods at the time and while focusing on my friend I asked Fortuna for help. It was a bit of a risk, given the Nature of the Godform, and feeling as much love and compassion as I could about my friend I asked Fortuna to take away what was wrong with the child, even if it meant giving me the sickness and giving the child some of my health. And still thinking about her I shouted in my head “Heal them, Bless Them”. While I thought the words I let go of the Energy which had been building up. The following day She called me up and asked “What did you do?”

“Why, what is wrong?”

“It is as if He never was ill” she said, “He was standing up in his cot laughing this morning”

“I offered up a prayer, sent a blessing”

“Thank you”

That really surprised the hell out of me. And none have been as spectacular as that since, but none have needed such a Full heal as that.

Usually healing is done through the hands, think about the energy, focus on the energy, let it grow and then release it into the target, be it Human, Animal, or Plant, it has worked on all beings for me. If need be ask your Godform for help, it may help you focus and concentrate better. But it can be draining to you. You are, after all giving some of your health and lifeforce (or Kai) to the other Being. And it may not work that well if you are, yourself, drained, or unwell. Crystals and stones can also be useful here, use them to focus on, plus they will hold not only their own vibration and healing, but they will also hold a little of your energy as well. It will help to stimulate the targets own healing energy as well, so even after you stop, they may still get the buzz or zap from their own energy.

A full heal is a lot tougher, and in the same as the Hex, can be done over any distance. And full concentration is needed, while with the zap healing, once the energy is going, and as long as contact is not broken, with practice, you can sit and talk .

Some will find that as with all works, a full ritual will be helpful, or just incense and a candle, or nothing at all. It all depends on how the person prefers to work. Concentration is the key, as with all works of Magic.

Think about the target, and the illness, think about the love and compassion you have, and focus on the healing energy, once you feel the energy, again focus on the target, think about the illness leaving them. Asking a Godform for help will help focus on the energy, and while you are thinking intently with as much compassion as possible, release the Energy to the target. I have only once tried to give a full heal to someone who is terminal, but maybe because I was emotionally attached, and thus desired results, rather that staying unattached, it never worked. The Target died, and I have felt guilty since for not being able to save them. But can it work on someone who it terminal? Or it that going against Nature herself? What is, is. At this time I am unsure. Aids, Cancer, you may prolong the life, but can we cure?

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